Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's new years eve.

Now doesn't every kid wish to see lovely fireworks??

So today I planned to have a sleepover with my skolah rendah best buddies.

Abu, Aizad, YinHun, Fariz

An hour prior to midnight, I left home with my dad and sister with Aizad's house as the destination in mind. We exit USJ2 via the road in front of summit. BIG mistake. With a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam.. it looked like I'd just be seeing fireworks through the windshield.

Some time after snailing along the road, we see alotta motorcyclists turning thier bikes around and fleeing in the other direction. I wonder why? Finally after we see the source of the traffic jam we found out.
A Police Roadblock. As if by nature new year's wouldn't make the road jammed enough!

With little minutes to midnight I arrive at Aizad's house situated in Wangsa Baiduri. I dump my sleepover stuffed bag to the side. Then help myself to some pizza Abu ordered earlier.

The original plan was to go to pyramid for the fireworks. Alas, it was already 5 minutes to midnight. So better just go for a nighttime stroll outside to catch a glimpse of whatever possible from that distance 1.02kilometers with your average housing area altitude.

But all was not lost, after I managed to get on top of a 7foot wall for a better view, we had a a really close by fireworks show from some rich guy in the neighbourhood up close!

Yeah it's sideways. Cause I used my fone to record it.

After that it rained.. what a spoiler! So the 3 of us run back to the house for shelter.

After that it was a tech time. Just a bunch of and online gaming, ps3'ing.
Later when YinHun arrived, followed by Fariz, we continued our gaming. Yeah, it felt like the old days again. Then we played board games like
Cashflow and Risk. We lost heart in risk after awhile.. with me as the victor.
Then we played
Halo online.

Later on we went downstairs to the 2nd floor to play
Guitar Hero III on Aizad's PS3. Uber awesome.

At the
end of the day... it was already the Beginning of a new day. So in the end the sleepover wasn't a sleepover at all. We all fell asleep about 7.44 in the morning.

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