Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a Giant Birthday!

Mark the 27th of January 2008.

On this week's Sunday I arose, from my slumber at around 9.20am by my sweet mother. With the door ajar the aroma of steamed rice could be smelt wafting about my bedroom. A few steps into the kitchen soon after led to the discovery of Mama's Nasi Lemak for breakfast! I watched the food on my plate in dilemma as I debated whether I should eat my favourite homecooked meal to my hearts content or neigh. In a few minutes, I would be attending a Xing San's party at
McDonald's so I decided to just finish whatever was on my plate and resist the temptation for my usual second, third and sometimes fourth helpings.

Just as I slip on my jeans,
ding-dong goes the house bell. Razlan and Pawan's heads could be seen bobbing just in sight beyond the car parked in the porch. Yeay! Isn't it just a sight for sore eyes to see Pawan every weekend? So the three of us hitch a ride with Razlan's mom to taipan and she drops us off at McD's.

We scout the fast-food outlet, and with no surprise, nobody! Cause we're early! Then a voice calls out from somewhere to the right. There, sitting in a corner was the birthday boy himself.. looking a tad bit uncomfortable on those little mcD chairs xD

As he was sitting on a table for four, the three of us sat accordingly with him while waiting for others. Xing San was wearing a shirt illustrating add math made easy! So we talk, catch up on old times. Soon Desmond arrives; we acted like we didn't notice him, and started to be
reeeealy fascinated in a life of an ant on the wall. But he noticed us eventually. Next to come was Sean, we didn't know him too. But he came to us immediately because Desmond didn't have a chair to sit on, so he was just standing there.. obviously noticable. Shiva came along followed by Kimberly. Last to arrive was Angie.

Apparently according to Xing San,
McDonald's upper floor was rented off for some 7 yr old kid's birthday. (Luckily! Imagine having "My Super Sweet 16" at McDonald's!) Hence, we decided to go somewhere roomier for a pack of noisy teens. Selelcted destination : Shakey's Pizza.

While crossing the road, I think Xing San got excited at a passing car or something.. have a look!

Then just before we entered
Shakey's Mee Ling appeared! Then together we entered a freshly opened for the day restaurant.

We asked the dude who worked there to help us arrange the tables for 10. Then we seat ourselves and take the menu to see what looked nice for some brunch!

I'm not really a
Shakey's person so I didn't know what was nice on the menu. The only thing which attracted my attention was this side order Angie was so eager to try. What they were, were Mojo's. Weird name to give to food... sounds like some kinda drug or something. Basically it just reminded me of a diabolical green monkey. Alas Mojo's were out of stock!

After taking our orders, the guy left for the kitchen. Then we disturbed the peace and serenity of the venue with our endless chatter and obnoxious laughter. After a mixture of eating, burping, talking, slurping and almost forgot! The arrival of Tira, finally the food was
almost finished. I got sick sometime during then, after drinking coke, vanilla milkshake and then sprite... and almost barfed th whole lot into the pitcher! Thankfully got everyone I managed to hold everything in.

Later I got trigger happy and we started taking photos:

Then we left the joint and said our thanks to Xing cause he paid for ALL of it. After that one by one we detach. Tira and Shiva bail first. Then followed by Kim, next Angie.

As for the rest of us? We headed for summit. On
FOOT. We stopped by Xing's place to get umbrellas cause Malaysia felt like the Sahara on that day. Then we made our way~!

After uncounted minutes... finally we arrived at Summit; and it has never looked more beautiful!

There, we did some school shopping at
Popular's and some karaokeing.

Owh, and if any of you ever go to Summit and go go up the escalators on the
Popular side, not the cinema side, look out for vandalism on the banisters!

Apparently, there's also an Azhar, Razlan, Pravin and Hakim on the other floors. All done by none other than the Pawanman.

Few hours after, we took our leave. We seperated from the bunch, and Meeling, Razlan and I were left. They had a school project so I decided to accompany them to Raz's place. We were joined with Ee Laine afterwards. And oh what fun we had experimenting with Coke, Mentos, Plastacine, PVA glue, and chips!

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