Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March has Doozies.

Well, it's a month closer to D-day. So what would a 17 year old candidate like yours truly do around march? Well, since I somewhat neglected to update my blog, I'll just summarize the bulk of it.

To start it off, on the 5th of March, Leo club of SMK Seafield hosted their auditions at the school hall. I wasn't auditioning, but well, I just bagged my EOS and headed for the school hall anyway. So I'm probably not supposed to say who got the auditions, so you guys would have a surprise when you arrive at Summit on the 12th of April for CarpĂ© Diem. 

Oh yea, I took a pic of one of the dudes auditioning just because he reminded me of Chuck Bass

And I also happened to meet Wei Jean there. Who I found out was a fellow Canon dslr user. She uses the Canon 1000D let's just hope I also found a photography buddy! Anyway, theres a difference. Owning a dslr and buffing it up doesn't make one a  photographer. It depends on whether you know how to create images that your mind's eye sees..  real. The camera's just a tool.

After the auditions, I wandered around the school looking for the most ideal place to shoot my Senior Page photos. Hmm, well, found some. But I won't say it here, just in case anybody wants to steal my ideas. I'm aspiring to make my class' Senior Page unique and most Awesome!
I did also get some shots of the school, have a look:

Okay, this isn't exactly a school shot, I just took it infront of school.. Oh well, what the hell.


Skip some days, next I went for a sleepover at Aizad's house.. again. He has a PS3.. and Resident Evil 5. So why NOT?!
And I got to see Ed again! who's just gila manja.

And upon somewhat "raiding" his fridge, I was curious how the contents of this box would taste.
The front cover said: Broccoli Juice.


Being on the B.O.D. of SMK Seafield's Interact club, it was made compulsory to attend this Charity Futsal event. It was a joint collaboration between us and SMKSU, SMK Bandar Sunway and SMK SS17. So well, it was held in Sports Planet. I'm not really the athlete type person. And I currently play NO sports. Bummer. So well, at least hanging out watching my school eventually bag the grand prize wasn't all that bad.

Here's a shot of Jay Han, one of the Seafield Team players after getting busted in the nuts.

Megat's back pass

Basically I just ended up taking loads of photo's of schoolboys kicking balls through protective netting. Thus, most of them turned out crappy. But those above are the decent few I managed to get. And after futsal action got dull, I focused the lens on other subjects. Such as John and Puteri, and Leonie's oh so charming victory scream face. In the end, Seafield had to go up against the 2nd Seafield Team. So the one that won was the one with Ashween in it. The one who lost, had Lionel in it. But well who cares, we made it to the finals, and it was a good game.
And the smartest idea to be suggested all day. To WALK back to USJ2 from bandar sunway. Gahh!


With the next event up was being MayQin's surprise barbeque birthday, I have completely lost the mood to blog as of 3am this morning. They say a photo speaks a thousand words. Let's use that to my advantage here shall we?

Two Girls One Cup Reaction vid tooken during the party with the birthday girl!

Went to Mydin. It had horses.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It just happened to be a Super Sweaty Seventeen!

According to this photostated piece of paper very commonly referred to as Takwim Sekolah, it just so happens that RENTAS DESA falls on February the 28th, which is on a Saturday.

So, in the mental voices of most seafieldians:

okay, well the rest would be aiming for top20 placings and stuff.

But not me, nope.
I was bummed out.

Well you give it a thought, who in the world would wanna celebrate their turning to seventeen in track shorts, running shoes, a school pj shirt, prespiring along 5 kilometers of road??!

Yeah, it just so happens to be my brirthday. What luck!

Even my number seemed jinxed. To me at least.


Alright, it isnt that bad, but turn it upside down and pass off the 1 as "!"

it reads SLO!

Great number to have during a running event I'd say.


Man, I haven't blogged for so long I don't even know how I write.
Hurmm.. let's try the story telling format.


My 17th brithday was practically divided into 3 parts
There wasn't any party, but hey, I enjoyed it all the same.
The day was perfect, and I spent 18 hours of the whole 28th of February with people who care

The Morning

As I passed between the gates of my house, I was accompanied by Karuna and Razlan. Earlier on, I had troubled the household with a haggard search for trackshorts; Insisting that running with trackbottoms was completely leceh! The first snuff of morning air filled my nostrils and exchanged it's gases contained within it in my lungs. There was something in the air that morning that brought upon a sudden exhilaration.

As the three of us ventured down 2/5C, the cool breeze was a pleasant treat. Honestly, I was rather surprised. Either Seafield just got lucky or they really studied the weather forecast, because todays weather was Perfect. The sky was blue with a thin coat of mist. The winds were set in motion. Even the birds were chirping in glee. My spirits actually rose thanks to the weather, having it have rained every morning, and evening from Monday through Thursday. The only thing that was off place that morning, was the sight of a squirrel road kill on the road. yuck.

Upon arriving the gates of Seafield, we were opposed by Merille, who didn't let us go in thanks to these nifty trackshorts we were wearing. But well, honestly, the idea of not being able to wear shorts INTO school on Merentas Desa day is completely and utterly retarded. So well, even Merille agreed it seems. Thus after turning a blind eye we "snuck" past her and entered the premises.

In school, everything was just abit short of Bazaar Ramadhan. All it lacked were the stalls; there were kids with pinned numbers everywhere. Well, duhh, thats to be expected. Well, walking around aimlessly seemed to do us good. The three of us ended up at the gelanggang serbaguna and there, one by one we met familiar faces. First came Emirul, then came Shiva, later, Phoebe and Lavy came to wish me happy birthday! We did our warm ups, and sooner than I expected, it was time for the L1's to head for the starting line... As the guys crowded around the...

to be continued.

I'll update soon. School prep time!


Alright here's the continuation as of March 3rd.


So as the guys crowded around the the tiny slit which was the opening in the gate, (why they opened the gate so small, it escapes me) like a wave being diffracted, the moment they passed through eveyone just scattered going anywhere they please as long as it meant there was oxygen.

We were all told to line up behind the makeshift starting line; two cones. Earlier than I actually expected, the go sign was given and those in front dashed for the lead. Awesome, time to get in gear. To start it off, a slow jog. Okay well, it wasn't a start off, it was a whole leg.. slow jog all the way! having trained the past 3 days, the 5km run wasn't that all tiring. Although I didn't get a placing, at least I didn't practically pancit like last year!

It was only toward the final leg that I gave a sprint burst, just because I saw Emirul and wanted to beat him, but he heard me coming, and sprinted too. In the end I was a millisecond behind him. Drats!

In school there were alot of thin people, and fit people, and athletic people; Those who actually made it before me. Those who Weren't listed above... well, they were still somewhere around the outskirts of USJ2.

Having recieved a few more birthday wishes, and some unforgettably sweaty brithday hugs, I actually felt jolly. Quenching my thirst of other peoples drinks, abit of 100 plus here, some sprite there, some plain water elsewhere, it was sort of sad to just stand, and stare.

Looking around, "this is the last time I'm ever going to have a number pinned to my front and back, wearing a baju rumah sukan that says SMK Seafield on the back" was the thought that lingered around my mind. Made me think of a teachers life, how repetitious everything must seem. Meeting different kids, sure. From the same template. Same mold. There's always gonna be that child prodigy that's maxed out in every aspect. There always gonna be a loudmouth whose just so likeable teachers and peers love them, yet others despise them. There's always a group of malay boys who bawak moto yang merempit after school. Always the group of chinese boys who get excited at the siteo f a basketball. Then there's always the chinese boys who stick to themselves and talk about games like DOTA for now, someday probably the latest mmorpg or ps3 game. And lets not forget, the group of newbies migrating from sesi petang to pagi.. those wannabe gangsters, who just love Pn. Marianni's attention, then to Pn. Ung's attention, and soon their successors.

It's stereotyping, I know. but its true. I probably forget to mention some up there anyway.

Well anyway, back to the main story, I was actually leeching of Phoebe's can of 100plus, sitting next to her on the curb, with Lavy and Razlan when Shiva came. It seems that Pravin has already ditched school right after passing the finish line, and headed for mamak. Oh well. So we got, bade farewell behind us, and evacuated school. Lavy headed for band practice. Seeing she's VP. Me? Im asst. treasurer. Well, used to be, as of today I quit. but on that day, well, lets just say I'm not the kinda guy who likes spending birthdays sweaty, running around, having a drum strapped to my belly, and being scolded by an instructor who barely knows any english because I didn't get the message he was conveying to me in jibberish.

So I made plans to go to ehsan with Shiva and Razlan. Rayvin was with Shiv, so well, he tagged along. I jogged up 2/5D, somehow. It was as if the energy release was lagged or something. I bumped into the twins, Rachel ( Stacey Tan!) and Tiffany halfway up. Then I met Hanjyun and John. Both who played truant in this little interesting school event.

When I got home, I just popped in for awhile to get the carkeys, then took my dads myvi. Oh wai, i took a shower first, cause if I were to recieve anymore hugs, either from guys or girls, sweaty or otherwise, at least I would like to be the one smelling nice.

So after the shower, I took the car, picked up Razlan, then Shiva, accompanied by a sick Rayvin. Shiva actually brought a bucket along incase Rayvin turns inside-out in my car.

Well we arrived at ehsan without any casualties. No barfing. And so conveniently a car wanted to reverse out from a parking lot just as I approached. "Today's a really perfect day", I thought. Then again, it might've only seemed perfect because I was optimistic. Well, anyway, alhamdulillah.

Judging by the plate of unfinished nasi lemak, the stain of spilled curry and dhal on the table, and a number of cups with ice savouring the last of it's solid form at the bottom, it appeared Pravin, Synna, Xingsan, Angeline, Karuna and Kimberly had already finished eating. (to hear their side of the story, refer to their blogs. Links can be found to the right!) So anyway i just sat there for awhile playing with my Yosé, since there wasn't really much to do. Owh, just a littleadd-in here, a girl sitting at the end of our table asked for number. And i gave her my namecard. Okay, so anyway, turns out there was something in need of doing. Black, found kittens and kept it in his bag. they were mommylss. And kittens cant drink cow milk. So Angie felt sorry for them and wanted to buy special formulae for them. Thus, off to taipan!

Ok, since the day was oh so perfect, I thought, maybe, just MAYBE wouldn't be a bad idea to take the car out. My parents don't let me drive to taipan. (Yeah erm, Sorry mama and ayah in case you ever read this and find out.) But well, erm, yeah.. Kittens were in danger! So it was an emergency! And i'll just state in advance, no harm came to the Myvi.

There was a little snag though, there were too many of us to fit into just one myvi. Solution: I got Razlan to get his sisters' Persona out. And we convoyed together to get tu USJ6. Since it's just a housing area, its much easier to park here instead of to park in taipan.

Somehow we got seperated while searching for a parking spot somewhere in the vicinity, but we eventaully rendevouzed with the the people who were with Razlan later on, before we crossed the road to Taipan, towards McD. From here, Everyone went to the petstore while Synna and I had a pitstop to get some McFlurry's. And guess what? The size of a McFlurry, as of, I don't really know when, was REDUCED.

Actually: Taken in Summit on a totally different day.
Pravin's hands may be slightly on the big side, but there you go; to scale with the spoon.

Well, from there, the two us caught up with the rest of the party at Kayu. There we bumped into Aqilah, Hana and Jihan and the rest of them. And Jihan was sort of over-enthusiastic telling me that she bought a new dSLR for herself. Which later on, I found out was just her friends'. I don't really get her though, she likes dSLR's to camwhore with. Aside from that though, they wished me "happy birthday!" pretty pleasantly. Twice. Once when I got there, another whilst we were leaving.

Razlan left for home, alone, around this time for reasons my head has trouble recalling at present. As for the rest of us, I wanted to check out this mamak called Nirvana. Shiva and Pravin said it was goooood. So well, we've already payed a visit to two mamak's in the morning. Why not a 3rd?

On the way to the mamak, we passed by this pet shop... well sort off. Looked kinda shabby. On the outside, it had little birds for sale. It made us all really sympathetic looking at the poor little caged-up creatures. But well, life goes on, and we continued to head to Nirvana.

There's always an odd one around

While chowing down on nowhere-to-be-found-but-Malaysia mamak food, turns out Pravin and Karuna bought 2 of the little critters and wanted to set them free.

The expression of liberation

Anyway, I'll just skip on what happened here. I mean, a mamak is a mamak and I'm pretty sure you all know what people do there.

Opposite Interests

When Kim left for home, it was the signal for us to leave too. Well, actually we already wanted to leave, but we were just being nice and waiting for her parents pick her up first. Angie left the group, as her house was just a stone's throw away. So Pravin, Shiva, Synna, Karuna and I trooped back through the sunshine and easy breezes back to the car.

On the way back though, we felt like bugging a buddy. I called up Yanchi to come along and play Monopoly with us at Shiva's house; our next destination. But well, she gave me a nice solid NO.
Shiva's turn to call, a NO too. Well, when the vocal methods fail, sometimes it just has to get physical. So I drove us over to Yanchi's house and ding-donged her bell like mad. In words of the girl herself, in which you can refer to by reading her blog,

"i ran upstairs, grabbed my bra and came down.

obviously, with them here i had no choice. so i went along with them."

So after kidnapping her, we headed back home to USJ2. Alot of singing, and yelling, and whatever in the car. Then Yanchi was like "I wanna go to the park!" So well, irresistably soundling like a little girl with no freedom, we had a sidestop. The park turned out to be moderately entertaining too. Some jumping over bushes, some seesaw action. like WHOAH. Fun.

Sadly though, we wasted too much time there, and there wasn't enough time for neither Synna nor Pravin to enjoy monopoly due to whatever commitments. So in the end, it was just Shiva, Yanchi and I in Shiva's house.

Summarizing whatever we did over there:

some heart to heart talk.

Face and limb drawing

Some face-dunking

And some fooling around with my Yose!


Late Evening

It started off with a hurried shower and a hunt for my missing black slacks. After I was fully suited up, It was time to head for KLCC for an orchestra.

Mode of transportation was split into 2 parts. First was a carpool to an LRT station, next was the full ride to KLCC station.

At KLCC, Fariz, Rern Sean and I met up with Abu, Aizad, Alysha, and Yinhun.

Having updated this part of the day so late, everything pretty much all a daze. Plus the fact that I actually slept during the show. I was pretty much wiped out after rentas desa in the morning with everything else I did in the morning.

Abu and Alysha

Fariz, Aizad, Abu, me, SeanYinhun, Sean and MeAbu and SeanSean and Fariz



I'm 17! Wohoo! Next up, getting a drivers license to finally drive LEGALLY.

Till next time, cheerio!