Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a Giant Birthday!

Mark the 27th of January 2008.

On this week's Sunday I arose, from my slumber at around 9.20am by my sweet mother. With the door ajar the aroma of steamed rice could be smelt wafting about my bedroom. A few steps into the kitchen soon after led to the discovery of Mama's Nasi Lemak for breakfast! I watched the food on my plate in dilemma as I debated whether I should eat my favourite homecooked meal to my hearts content or neigh. In a few minutes, I would be attending a Xing San's party at
McDonald's so I decided to just finish whatever was on my plate and resist the temptation for my usual second, third and sometimes fourth helpings.

Just as I slip on my jeans,
ding-dong goes the house bell. Razlan and Pawan's heads could be seen bobbing just in sight beyond the car parked in the porch. Yeay! Isn't it just a sight for sore eyes to see Pawan every weekend? So the three of us hitch a ride with Razlan's mom to taipan and she drops us off at McD's.

We scout the fast-food outlet, and with no surprise, nobody! Cause we're early! Then a voice calls out from somewhere to the right. There, sitting in a corner was the birthday boy himself.. looking a tad bit uncomfortable on those little mcD chairs xD

As he was sitting on a table for four, the three of us sat accordingly with him while waiting for others. Xing San was wearing a shirt illustrating add math made easy! So we talk, catch up on old times. Soon Desmond arrives; we acted like we didn't notice him, and started to be
reeeealy fascinated in a life of an ant on the wall. But he noticed us eventually. Next to come was Sean, we didn't know him too. But he came to us immediately because Desmond didn't have a chair to sit on, so he was just standing there.. obviously noticable. Shiva came along followed by Kimberly. Last to arrive was Angie.

Apparently according to Xing San,
McDonald's upper floor was rented off for some 7 yr old kid's birthday. (Luckily! Imagine having "My Super Sweet 16" at McDonald's!) Hence, we decided to go somewhere roomier for a pack of noisy teens. Selelcted destination : Shakey's Pizza.

While crossing the road, I think Xing San got excited at a passing car or something.. have a look!

Then just before we entered
Shakey's Mee Ling appeared! Then together we entered a freshly opened for the day restaurant.

We asked the dude who worked there to help us arrange the tables for 10. Then we seat ourselves and take the menu to see what looked nice for some brunch!

I'm not really a
Shakey's person so I didn't know what was nice on the menu. The only thing which attracted my attention was this side order Angie was so eager to try. What they were, were Mojo's. Weird name to give to food... sounds like some kinda drug or something. Basically it just reminded me of a diabolical green monkey. Alas Mojo's were out of stock!

After taking our orders, the guy left for the kitchen. Then we disturbed the peace and serenity of the venue with our endless chatter and obnoxious laughter. After a mixture of eating, burping, talking, slurping and almost forgot! The arrival of Tira, finally the food was
almost finished. I got sick sometime during then, after drinking coke, vanilla milkshake and then sprite... and almost barfed th whole lot into the pitcher! Thankfully got everyone I managed to hold everything in.

Later I got trigger happy and we started taking photos:

Then we left the joint and said our thanks to Xing cause he paid for ALL of it. After that one by one we detach. Tira and Shiva bail first. Then followed by Kim, next Angie.

As for the rest of us? We headed for summit. On
FOOT. We stopped by Xing's place to get umbrellas cause Malaysia felt like the Sahara on that day. Then we made our way~!

After uncounted minutes... finally we arrived at Summit; and it has never looked more beautiful!

There, we did some school shopping at
Popular's and some karaokeing.

Owh, and if any of you ever go to Summit and go go up the escalators on the
Popular side, not the cinema side, look out for vandalism on the banisters!

Apparently, there's also an Azhar, Razlan, Pravin and Hakim on the other floors. All done by none other than the Pawanman.

Few hours after, we took our leave. We seperated from the bunch, and Meeling, Razlan and I were left. They had a school project so I decided to accompany them to Raz's place. We were joined with Ee Laine afterwards. And oh what fun we had experimenting with Coke, Mentos, Plastacine, PVA glue, and chips!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Merry Thaipusam to you follks! I think.. are you supposed to be happy on thaipusam..?

Bleargh! being a holiday right in the middle of the week, its a godsend! Whoever said form4 was a honeymoon year really had their head lost in the clouds somewhere cuz homework has been making its way into my bag and has been evading the scribbling of my pen, therefore the teachers desk is out of the question. After only a few weeks it's evolved into a mountain! not to mention all the extra projects already set! And there's a worry that despite I've redyed my hair back to black the colour seems to be fading.. back to brown. Must be all that stress I suppose.

Anyways, I slept in today, till about 12. Reeeeal nice. After that, my bunch decided to take a little visit to my new house! Yes, I'm moving too. But date is not set. The housing area was behind USJ something.. 24 kot. Still in development, but the show houses look real nifty!

Dining Room

The Living Room

Defenitely my kind of Decoration.

So after leaving our future home, we decide to take a stroll around the construction and see the other houses-to-be.

Familyku menyekodeng Rumah

The day was freakishly hot so after about.. two hours we went home.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

In The Midst of Everything

Its a Saturday today and as school progresses to produce increasing homework, band practices welcome in the juniors, and having just been to a birthday party, life can get pretty busy!

The day started off like any other saturday of 2008.. The noisy alarm.. followed by the wonderful
snooze. Then it's usually followed by jumping outta bed, having a rushed shower, missing breakfast and the dash to school to avoid being late for band practices. Alas, I NEVER seem to make it on time!

As previously mentioned, juniors come for their first band practice today, and boy, lotsa them! And they look like lil midgets! "
Were we that small in form1??"

Ooh! And this year we were joined by more form4's like Carmeny! Roar Mien!

After running 15 rounds around the dewan, we got pretty pooped. Then it was percussion practice! The Funnest part of band practice!

After the usual practices, gossips, chit chat and finger sores, the band bercantum balik into the big bunch. Then some rehearsals happen soon after.

Angie and I left early to get ready.. to go out to MidValley along with Razlan! It was all rather sudden really. Angie's idea to go there to catch the movie "

So Angie and I walk outta skool accompanied by Carmen cause she was bored.. being a junior, whose practice actually finished 2 hours before the seniors. She walked with us till the halfpoint of 2/5A and doubled back. Then the two of us made our way to my house. Razlan meets up with us before we enter my house. We spent about 15 minutes in my abode because I desperately needed a shower after band practice eventhough Angie
insisted me not to because she was scared we'd miss the movie which started at 1.45pm.

I managed to get myself spruced up in under ten minutes and we were soon walking back towards the school heading east to get to Summit's bus stop to take a bus to Midvalley. We passed by infront of school, and by that time all our fellow bandees were out and we sure kena tegur banyak kali because we were dressed up and ditched band practice early xD

Finally we reach Summit Station, and the 3 of us take a seat at the metal pole bench yang telah disediakan untuk penggunaan awam. What luck for us, the first bus to come around was a
RapidKL U63 which went all the way to MidValley!

The bus ride was pretty packed, but I didn't mind. I was really eager. Why? Because it was gonna be my
First official visit to MidValley! Uhuh!

After the somewhat short ride, we get off the bus and head up some steps to the fly over that goes dierecttly into the mall. Then, I savoured my first glimpse of the mall!

Gahh, I felt so eager, like a little kid on a field trip. Well yeah, I do still feel like a kid inside. We turned a corner and walked along a path that led straight into the mall. Then as we reach the double doors, I push the right side while Angie pushed the left side and with Razlan behind us, we crossed the threshold into Megamall!

We had 40 minutes to spare before the movie actually started so we headed for GSC to get tickets. I had my full trust in Razlan, seeing that I have never been there and have
marvelous sense of direction. The way to the cinema was torture.Razlan and I barely escaped with our lives while in the mercy of Angie's lobsterlike pinches!

When we finally arrived, the line at GSC was like
It took us 20 minutes just to get the tickets.

I felt rather thirsty after that, and we each got ourselves a choc shake from McD, and Angie got herself
twisty fries. And for the first time in my life, there was actually no place to sit in McD! So we end up eating and drinking while standing up at the bar table.

Afterwards it was time for the movie so we went into the cinema. As the credits go by, and the lights dim, the movie starts. Then the movie title appears...
Atonement. Or as the subtitle says, Perbaduhan Dosa. Razlan and I burst out laughing and bring embarrasment to Angie who was sitting with us. The movie was tragic.

After that we got hungry and browsed around the whole mall... okay, well rather the whole wing of the bottom floor for a suitable place to eat. Final decision:

A jacket potato meal to each of us!

And of all the times and places, we meet Evon having lunch with her mom there too!

Then we went to explore the whole mall! From World of Cartoons to Jusco, to MPH bookstores, to some Jigsaw place where Razlan bought a present for his sister. Then we went window shopping at Jusco, mehh.. wasn't anything nice for sale.

As we were walking

Then somewhere in Jusco... I stumbled upon an arcade! Who would've thunk it!?

I challenged Angie and Razlan to Air Hockey..


Final Score
0 : 7

wee! I'm good.

During the time we were aimlessly walking, Angie decided to take a pic, but she ended up only taking me and quarter of a her face and a bit of Raz's shoulder.

Alas, the day had to come to an end, it was 6. So we had to leave to reach home on time. As we exited the premises, the day outside was pouring!

We were drenched by the time we got to the bus stop. And we got on a
U63 bus to USJ. It was SUPER cramped in there. takde tempat duduk pun.. We had to stand butt to butt with each other.

The Hostage, The Bond, and the Damsel in distress?

At some part along the way, the bus driver told us the sign on the side of the bus salah! It wasn't
U63, but a U65 instead! Gasp! So we get off the overloaded bus and sit and wait out for a proper bus. Just as we were about to sit down, we witnessed a motorcycle accident with a Waja at the Federal Highway! The cyclist like tergolek and terseret across the road. He terus limped off the road. Tak serious I hope. Immediately, as it's Malaysia... Traffic Jam berlaku.

We hitch a ride on a Metrobus outta desperation but it turned out to be a comfy journey all the way back home and it dropped us off conveniently on the other side of USJ2, which was closer to our homes!

So we head over to my place because Angie's dad was picker her up from there. Along the way, we saw a Rainbow! Having just rained and all. Which also meant.. an oppurtunity that can't be missed!


Pelangi Power!

Aurora Beam!!!

Then we went into my house and soon after, bersurai.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birthday Goodbye!

It's a sunny Thursday morning as I tumble sideways of my comfortable bed.

As I open the bedroom door, I was greeted by the groans of the vacuum machine. Of all the days, my parents chose this holiday for
Spring Cleaning!

As I was making my way downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast, another sound joins the scene,
the sound of a wet mop going
slush slush splat! Fantabulous.

Today's menu:
Chapathi! Yumm~ home made. My dad's curry has got to be one of the best!

Anyway, as the day progressed I needed to get ready for a party. Jin Yang's! He's off to New Zealand soon for a loooong time and its his birthday today so his bff's Carmen and Shinyee decided to just throw him a 2 in 1 combo party!

So I head over to Summit with Mee Ling at about 11.30, we thought we could just pop in and get the
pot luck food, and pop out and get to Carmen's house by 12pm in time for the party. Alas, after buying gummytapes and Jin's present, it was already 5 to noon.

We took a
RapidKL bus to get to Carmen's house which was in USJ11. Alas, with me there, Mee Ling and I managed to lose ourselves somewhere at car garage workshops, near flats I never knew existed, Finally we ended up near Good Year Court 9. During the bus ride Mee Ling kept insisting to bukak the sourtapes we bought in Summit for the potluck earlier. Good think I stopped her! So we decided to ditch the bus before we got even more lost. After walking in no particular direction for a few minutes I realized we were near USJ9's masjid. From there it was a piece of cake for Mee Ling to lead me the rest of the way.

Finally as we reach Carmen's house all sweaty. We enter to behold.. a packed house filled with guys and the aircon wasn't on! Mee Ling joined her girl friends while I huddled up with the guys. The girls for some reason were having a comfortable time on sofa's while us guys had to sit like thus:

Upon arrival, all guests were also asked to leave their cellphones on table for whatever reason which still avoids me till this very second.

Behold RM14,000++ worth of mobile electronics

We were somewhat entertained by Carmen's Little sister Jane! Adorable little girl. Fierce at threatening at first. Threatened to hit those who misbehaved in her house with a slipper!

The master plan of the day was to surprise Jin Yang because he had
No idea the party was this big. He thought it was just a simple farewell party of five people or less. So we were forced to keep quiet while sitting on the floor like orang banduan mana je.. then everytime someone comes Carmen wud be like:

"Shh! He's here!"

Everyone becomes quiet

Carmen walks out the door while we wait in suspense...

Carmen comes back!

Ahh sorry! False alarm! It was just Tarrence"


That same thing kept on being repeated for several times till all the guests were restless and tired of having to be quiet! Why did Jinny have to be such a party pooper!


After countless minutes! Jin Yang arrives!

So he walks in blindfolded. Shin guided him to sit on this stool made for hobbits. As soon as he sits down, on the count of 3.. blindfold gets removed, we all yell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Afterwards everyone helped themselves to some food. And here's a note to all of you who ever wish to make a pot luck party...

NEVER do it if it's only teenagers! They NEVER bring real food!

All we had to eat were a bunch of potato chips.. twisties.. potato chips.. and did I mention potato chips?? Luckily SynNa ordered pizza! It was gone in 3 seconds! While waiting for additional orders of pizza to arrive, Carmen's mom served nuggets and drummets. We also poured all the potato chips into a casserole to make assorted chips which served as better convenience for a bunch of guys to stuff their faces full of chips.

Among the hustle and bustle, I proposed to have some fun eating!
So what do you get when you (Me + Sourtape + Jinyang)

And if you're wondering.. I lost :(

Then Shiva started to get nifty with the guitar and me and Jian Wai's creative juices started flowing and we made up our own lyrics and sang our own copyrighted song.

Hey There Jinny-Yang!"

Hey there Jinny Yang,
now you're going to New Zealand.
You're a few metres away,
But you look so pretty yes you do~.
I can never camwhore as good as you!
My word is true!

Okay after that catastrophe was over, we decided to enjoy a movie. Movie of choice: SAW IV. So everyone huddled up again and to get ready for the movie. A gross one. Even poor little Jane had to cover her face with a pillow and soon went running to the kitchen calling "Mommy!!"

Before the movie, everyone looked rather jolly:

After the movie though, most of our faces looked rather long because the move was Boring.

Soon after, some of us trooped outside to have some fun in the sun. Perfect decision I'd say. It was a perfect day! We had some sing-a-longs by the day's featured guitarist:


Soon Shiva started putting on some techno tunes. And hey, what the hell, I suddenly got happy feet and well... Here's a tribute to all shuffler's! Don't get offended now xP


and as you all know, what are parties without pictures?? And as the Birthday Boy is a camwhore, do as he does!

Lol and Ken Yoong wore a misleading shirt.

After that, I had enough of old boring poses! time to get creative! So we start doing some odd poses like pyramids?? and some classic still airborne still life!

All Hail the Birthday Boy!

Jinny looks like he's having some quality men surfing there!

Next the Hostess deserved a raise!

My turn next!

I was also caught red-handed.. or should I say both-handed in the act of my dastardly deeds..

After that we had some nice long chit chat sessions. Some singing and stretching hours on end. Then it was time for the cake!

Yum! And outta 3 strawberries, i got One!

On normal occasions, people who are about to blow their candle'd cake look like this!

But who said Jinny was normal?

We all managed to get a slice each. Some thinner than others thanks to ShinYee's precision slicing.

Then we went back outside and the day was looking gloomy as it started to progress :(

Thus we lay there, under the bayou . Lazing around savouring Jin Yang's last moments with us before he finally forsakes his country. We end up playing youngster games like
london bridge sep sep bom bom, and other games which were alike.

Soon, one by one the guests go home.Final Score: Snoozer.

Just kidding.
It was an uber fun party!

-Special Thanks-

To Shinny's cuz she supplied me with most of the pics! Thanks a bunch!