Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sunrise On A Blue Day

The inevitable first day has come and gone.

Today, was pretty dull, and empty.

I got up to a slow start at 6.30 in the morning, which to me, is naturally impossible. But due to the persisting pains in my chest made my night a living nightmare, It didn't help to continue my slumber.

So after fully dressing myself in my previous year's school uniform, I head downstairs to withdraw the box of J.Co's Donuts from the fridge which I bought yesterday, intended as a birthday present for my friend Jian Wai.

Shortly after, Razlan appeared at my doorstep. I went back upstairs to fetch a pair of fresh socks. What used to be an easy daily routine, became an act which caused great agony thanks to my chest pains.

The two of us soon march to school. The sun was still young, the day was still dawn.

Along the way, we saw a girl, whom by the way she walked, I thought was SueAnne. And since this was her row, chances were that it was her. But after countless name-calling.. it was to no avail. Either it wasn't her or she was just Deaf. I'd personally think it was the latter since the girl did look around each time we called out to her.

At school, we met up with many familiar faces. Now less than ever. Soon we were shoved into lines by the school, and did the most fun thing for a first day.. Nothing. All we had to do was keep quiet and listen to endless notices and chatter from teachers.

After what seemed like second period, all form4's were directed into the hall where we would be doing more of nothing and listening. Then a bit of excitement.. we hand in our elective choice paper. Then its hello nothing again.

Recess comes.

I followed Jian Wai to get a drink at the co-op which smelt horribly of vomit. I really pitied the non-paid workers in there.

We headed back to the canteen and found ourselves a nice table. And I presented Pangsai with his b'day present of half a dozen donuts! Well we shard it among the four of us anyway. After about 10 minutes, Me, Jianwai, Karuna and Razlan devoured the donuts. Well Fir joined it toward the end to get one last bite. And umm-umm-umm weren't they scrumptious!

After that it was more ceramah's and career choice help in the dewan. At about 12.30pm, finally we were allowed to leave the hall and head to our respective classes. And I'm telling you, the staircase in Seafield never seemed steeper!

My class seemed so deserted.
With the absence of friends who left for other schools.. Seafields getting much lonelier than I expected. Me and Jimmy got a seat behind Nat and Ang. Nat was sorta pissed at me cause i didn't bring her cookies today. Guess I gotta make up for that someday.

Afterwards we were introduced to our form teacher, which i didn't happen to catch her name. Then I went with Ariff and the guys to buy books.. which we ended up just getting the booklist from the bookshop.

After returning to the class, I decided this place was so forlorn i couldn't take it. So I took a walk around and decided the next class was somewhat more lively. Took part in a miniature wrestling match with Fir, Bakar and Afiq. Pangsai and Sue were off to who knows where.

Then the bell rang. And everyone bersurai.

After today, the prospect of boarding school didn't seem so bad after all.


Come 7.30pm.
Hurray! My lungs feel better. And well, with no homework to do, no books to study, and with my new years resolve to have a self restraining order between me and the pc.. I had nothing better to do but.. well, Bake. So after dialing up McD's delivery for some early supper, I get to work!

My Workstation

I was supposedly baking cornflake biscuits. But as Im not the worlds best baker, and working alone.. my cookies in the end.. ended up with Three colour shades.

If you have a mind of a racist, you could categorize them pretty well.

So at 11pm finally I finished cleaning up the utensils and thats practically how I spent my first day of school.

p.s. told you I'd make it up.

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