Monday, December 11, 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane! No! It's Lipton ice'd tea serdak!


Okey, well today, I got up at a slow grumpy start....... snore.. snort.. roll over.. okey u get the idea.

Well then, I kinda made this decision to turn vegetarian, don't ask me why. So thenI ate kokocrunch for breakfast... n i kinda forgot about it n tgk tv for awhile.. n it kinda turned soggy

So enough about boring old breakfast.. Since i just got back from singapore the previous day, well, I was kinda behind in the happenings of the times.. So i gave a call to some of my friends who i felt like spending some quality time with... but before that, i of course called angie! cakap cakap after 5 days tak cakap! then woops.. fone bill naik pulak.. so we sed our then i called the guys.and most of them, were well, busy.. Hakim was skating in that new Sk8 park in usj11 with pawan. n pravin wanted to go to OU with his MOM. good ol tubbo was in pd getting bitten by wild bugs. n sofia, was just being a couch potato... but fir was all green, but it'll be weird if it was just me n him.. so i thoguth, "lets giv fariz a visit" so i called him up. talked then hung up, with an itchy feeling on my eyebrow, n well, ok the eyebrow thing had nothing to do with anything..

So then i go get some chocs from the fridge, then my ass starts tickling cuz my fone was in my butt pocket n was vibrating all over... so then hakim calls me over to his hse cuz their back n fir was with him n pawan. so we went there. main guitar there abit, then pawan ade tuition so he balik.

So Fir, Bir n I headed to summit. we went to san fransisco steakhouse pegi makan.. n well, i had to break my vegetarian vow for today. (sorry angie! i'll start from tomorrow!)

then ade this sale baju, fir bought this shirt for 19 bucks. then this is where the adventure starts!

We were sorta full n tired, but then ade this urge of bebudak nakalness! we went to summit hotel n naik the lift all the way to the 22nd floor. u know that building u can see from well.. the whole petaling jaya. well there was this window.. n it was just so nice to look thru! we cud see for miles! and well, it was open.. n down there... ade this swimming pool.. so me n hakim ambik some teabgs from the room servicer, LIPTOn! then we went to the window n koyak n baling! n it went falling into the pool! then firdaus baling batu then this poolguy pegi panggil security tunjuk tunjuk atas! we were like "holy shit lets get outta here" n hakim or fir ludah down, then we cabut. we were scared kena tangkap turun lift.. so we went down the stairs.. 21 floors..n then lalu this big burly guards.. then macam, act natural.. heheh, then alls green.. we just went skating in the evening..

and owh yea! today, after the loong time i cuti from skate. i finally re-landed my SHUVIT!

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Taipan Wandering before the Failed Pyramid Plan

lets see, on last tuesday... was a bad luck day.. even the sky suggested so...

at 9.30am i left home to see 2E rehearse their sejarah sketasa.. but since it's the holidays, nobody had the mood.. so we ended up "berfoya-foya" there....n i happened to bawak 2 girls which are 2 of my buddies gfs.. sofia n qistina.. n well, they kurang kena layan there, u know when guys meet with guys...

then evryone penat n nak pegi my hse lepak.... but my hse was fat tooooo small... n my sis wud get mad.. so i called azim to see if we cud crash at his place... but then... we brought like... 10 guys... 2 girls... what an idiot of an idea rite? dunno wats with my head that day.. but AZIM sed his mom let...

so anyway, we sampai there, lepak lepak main ps2 guna com.. then tibe tibe his mom nak jumpa n interrogate the 2 girls... pegi call parents... habis la.. but sofia selamat she sed, her parnts like tak kisah.. but kisu, ergh.. kantoi.. kene grounded! cuz of me.. n because of that, a chain reaction occured where alotta ppl tak jadi pegi sunway pyramid today.. it was supposed to be like, 20 ppl.. but just like.. 4 pegi.. cuz qis tak pegi, her fren tak pegi n so on...

anyway, back to azims hse... since gila banyak orang datang... his mom order pizza.. then we makan.. then bla... me ariff fir tubby jalan balik to pravins hse.. later we 4,(ariff balik rumah) pegi taipan...

we walked dari usj 2 sampai taipan.. lookin for a cat.. anyway, al the pet shops there gila mahal! one kitten was like 600bucks! not affordable for 14 yr old teens... so we went from shop to shop... n man, wernt all the pet shops smelling funky!

then we lepak at burger king, makan jap, then we sambung pegi here n there... walking all round taipan... then fir suggested we lepak kat HSBC bank.. u know that tallest building in taipan? but sum guy go halau us... -_-"

so after that, i thoguht mcm nak pegi CC ker.. but there wasnt any in the area, so we went to this hypermedia library, but hell! it was like, gila quiet.. everyone was so damn tekun baca buku... dah la tiba tiba fir punya hp ring.. all them pembisu's pandang.. n theres this guy always menjeling us mcm sial.. mcm nak cari gaduh.. then we tak tahan blah... after that pei padang... n we posed abit.. "vandalized" abit... took a few pics here n there.. the fir balik..

tinggal me, pravin n tubby.. since we were like gila tired.. since 9.30am keluar.. n now it was about 5.30.. we lepak at angie's hse.. since it was so near... lepak lepak jap.. watch simpsons..

then at 7 balik....

n i fell asleep at 8.30...

n thats how i spoilt he outing at pyramid..

-The End-

Sunday, July 9, 2006

A friends birthday outing.

heh, well, yesterday yesterday.. which was saturday my frens tubby, pravin, angie n me went out on her birthday..

well, we went to sunway.. but didnt really do much... like we just got dragged about choosing her presents.. like her "French bag" n her "teddy bear"... n shrubby gave her a lava lamp... n dumb pravin was such a weener, when we all wanted to go ice skating he was like... all cranky n making up sum excuse! wat a deuche... then we wanted to watch a movie... but then there were no nice movies.. angie didnt wanna watch superman cuz she sed he looks gay with the inside-out undies.. so well, come to think about it.. wat did we do? anyways, after i guess doin alotta nuthin.. we went back.. but didnt have much money.. so we naik bus... n well, wasnt that our first bus ride? all of us tak pernah naik bus.. usually we jz use cabs.. or mintak sum1's driver.. but now... we took a metrobus.. we wanted to go to taipan to get a birthday cake.. but then ait actually went about taking us to carrefoure.. then subang parade.. then to usj1 behind summit.. n then to the goodyear courts.. n then even i dunno where.. then finally we reached taipan.. n decided to go on foot after that... "someone" thought the bus driver was gonna bring us to shah alam... it took 1hr to reach taipan from pyramid...n then tubby suddenly got dumb n started waving at ppl...

on the way to the cake store, we helped out a poor ol' lady whose cellphone died. well tubbs did rather. im infamous for always having no credit!
soon after we just continued walking on.. and angie stared kicking butts. so its natural for us to just.. well retaliate! but the thing is.. her leg wasnt flexy enuff n she cudnt even reach me booty! xP

n then.. we got the cake, went to angies hse, singgah isi petrol 1st, then we ate cake n jelly at angies hse... n we lepak at her tvroom.. but it wasnt really pleasent.. pravin stank up the whole room with his BO.... n then we went home.. thats prtactically it!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spatula Chefs!

heh, yesterday my buddies jian wai, pawan, n pravin n me totally owned the cooking competition! the theme was desserts.. we were the only guy team whose dessert didnt become a fiasco... the others all ade sum sorta catastrophe.. like custard hangus or pancake stuck to the frying pan cuz they didnt put butter... ours was just perfect! owh yea, we made bread pudding with custard on the side,Image016 heres a pic.. the girls were like shocked we actually made sumthing... ade yang even praised us! and u know wat makes us think we can win it? cuz the teacher mintak our RECIPE! from a bunch of form2 guys! but my fren jian wai sed "Jangan bagi! later the teacher see how simple it is tak nak bagi us win!"

But anyway, we were the only ones that actually BAKED sumthin.. the girls n rest just made ice creams or jellies... n they melted pretty quickly.. so it didnt look so extravagant... owh yea, actually we sendiri pun like kinda shocked actually berjaya made sumthin worth eating.. like for example, try comnpare these 2 "desserts we made.. ones the bread pudding, n one's the one me n pawan made earlier... its supposed to be a spongecake..

Image017 Image014 Image018 Image015 big difference huh?