Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pyramid Tandas Mix Ups!

It was just any old outing to the sunway pryramids for me and my friends. We do what we usually do, with some extra unusually done stuff.

Pyramid 2's lavatories. yeah, its real easy on the eyes. take some time in there. smells pleasant too! n in the guys toilet, waddya know! a nice big mirror. So vanity strikes and we decide to take a pic. There were Seven of us. Fir, Bir, Raz, Prav, Jade, Sof and yours truly. We thought "hey, nice mirror. lets all take a pic in here."

So what do we do? we bring the girls into the toilet for some camwhorin'!

Okay, poses set, all in a stance.... but my fone macam rosak! so we cudnt take the pic! n then wehear some voices apporaching. MALE ones!

what happens? we shove the 2 girls into a cubicle and walk out. while these clueless guys go for a leak. Fir had a right mind to leave the girls there.. never to walk out. BAH. but kesian giler la if we did that.

So we go back to fetch them outta there. When the coast was clear. we call out. they walk out. We decided "lets just scratch this photosession." So we walk out to leave.

But then..

The makcik starts screaming at us in her indon accent!!

"Mengapa ngko masok tandas lellaki?!"

sofia gives the most antique excuse

"err, tersilap masuk"

but she doesnt look convinced. She thinks we're up to no good!

so we ran! and man she had backup! she started telling her janitor frens n the security guard! then we were like running all around sunway pyramid tryna ditch the authorities. bahh. so when we were all tired and spent. we took a rest. So that was the highlight of the day!

*hint= that comic up there. guess who is who!

Fir.. is holding a Rubiks Cube
Hakim.. is TALL
I'm.. just ur average joe

Raz.. has a M.o.l.e

Prav.. is Shaded

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Hitz.fm American Idol Contest!

Okey, here's a prologue so u guys know whats it all about.


U know after american idol there's always this secret password stuff? well, if u call hitz.fm, answer a question, sing on the radio, u become a finalist for their competition. The American Idol Biggest Fan Search. So basically after that u gotta prepare to sing on stage Cinaleisure which is like beside The Curve. The winner gets to see the AI finalé in Hollywood!

The contest at the curve was

1st Stage:Impersonate ur american idol. Judges decide hu goes thru n hu gets cut.

2nd Stage: 5 outta 12 make it thru.. its Q&A time. all the stuff about idol. Ur luck, first 3 gets 5 q's correct make it thru.

3rd Stage: Top 3 battle it out singing a song of their choice.. but lyrics have to be original. Audience make some noise for the winner. The one with the loudest cheer brings home the marbles.

Judges: Joey G, Marion, and some other guy.. forgot his name.

Hosts: Hitz.fm's Rudy & JJ.

My sis, Dzatil.. or Iman.. called up hitz.. did all the remeh-temeh stuff n she got top 12 finalists.. n she had to sing on stage 2 weeks after the call.. which wud be.. on Saturday May 5th at the Curve.

Okey, so here's where my story begins.

On that day.. may 5th.. saturday. whcih my sis had to perform.. everything was so hectic! She needed a minus one for her song "Tonight I Wanna Cry - Keith Urban". but the damn whole internet TAKDE! can u belive that????! so i tried searching for the piano sheets so i cud play on the piano n record it.. but even THAT TAK ADA!!! then i lost faith in the internet...

Coincidently, that morning, my 2 frens Eugene n Wei Jun fropped by.. i dunno for what.. saja-saja. N both of them cud play the guitar! so i was like.. YES! i carikan the tabs.. then mintak diorang mainkan... but ALAs... theyre not as good as i imagined.. so plan C.. failure. n we ended up playin abit of naruto.

But they wernt completely useless! Eug sed something about youtube n naruto movie trailers.. n then it hit me! ghehehehe brainstorming! I searched youtube.. n terus gila banyak ppl main the song on piano! why didnt i htink of it before??!?! So what i did was just halakan the comp mic n record it while the guy play...

BUT!!! that was nooo easy task. My stupid !#$#$&*ing neighbour ade renovation... so while i was recording got the BRRRRR-RR-RRRR of the drilling n the TOK-TOK-TOK of the hammering! gaaaah!! bawa stress!!! so like.. in the middle of my music ade all those soundsi n the background! so kena tunggu they all stop baru boleh record again...

Finally ade this one time.. they stopped!! so i bergegas record. But suddenly my mom comes out of her room.. n i do the *finger to the lips* gesture . say "shhh!" then hse didnt get it.. n went to toe comp.. n sed "Sapa Main Ni?" n i was like "ARGGHHHH" there goes another recording wasted...

Okey, so enuff about that.. after i FINALLY managed to record the song, it was like 12. We had to be at the curve by 12.30! so icepat cepat burn n mandi.. n actually Eug n weijun were till at my hse.. so i sorta had to "halau" them. sorry guys! then i cepat-cepat mandi.. n it was like 12.40pm when we finally hopped into the cab. We took a cab cuz.. my dad duznt know the way to the curve... yeap.. n that day was my second time to the curve. im soo macam "katak bawah tempurung".

So anyway, when we sampai, (me, my sis, my dad) had to go to the "Concourse area" wherever that was.. turns out it was in Cineleisure. Totally not in the curve. My momma n big sis were comin a lil later.

At Cineleisure, my sis had this breifing about whatever with all the other finalists.. i remember this other old lady.. gila semangat.. her name was Jasmine Huertas. Gila semangat... her make up was like wooh! an inch think perhaps? but so were the other female contestants! so my sis felt under make-up'd. But seriously... all the lady's that entered were like karaoke moms! So after the breifing, my dad had to attend to his shop, so he left me n my sis there. My sis had to stay there so i got bored so she asked me to go walk about the place.

So i did, n the place was kinda big! the whole place was JUST a cinema. a whole building. So i went upstairs n walked about, hehe, there's Sakae Sushi there... maybe ill bring yan chi n angie there for my sushi hutang! so anyway.. when i went all the way up, i got lost! i cudnt find my way back down! n i actually had to swallow my pride.. n ask a friendly local.. err.. yeap.

So anyway, when i got back down, my sister's friends hu came to cheer for her had shown up. There was Izzera, Syazuin, Judie, Tahdiah, Ross n Elisa. So i just joined in n talked about whatever n gave my sis some pep talks to giv her semangat. So after that.. I got reeeeaallly hungry! I didnt have anything to eat since.. 7? n now was like 2.30pm. So since my sis had butterflies in her stomach.. she didnt wanna come with so i went with her frens to eat at some restaurant called "Kopi'O" heh, felt kinda odd then. me, one 15yr old with all lepasan-spm peeps.

Well, lets see, the food that was ordered there was...Izz ordered.. 2 half boiled eggs (as if he didn't already had enuff of his own) n he, Ross (yeah, he's a guy) n Tahdiah all ordered nasi lemak. Judie ordered Kaya toast??? (yeap.. mesti nak jaga figure la tuh!) n Syazuin ordered this kari laksa stuff..ordered this dumb chicken-ham sandwhich.. costing 3.80 n a coke.. cuz everything else was like.. local food but mahal.. i mean nasi lemak.. 7 bucks?? not worth it.. but turns out, Judie belanja me in the end.. i nak bayar balik she takmau... (heheh, thanks alot Joody-woody!)

So then i got a call from my big sis n she already arrived with my mom. N she told me it started already! so i hurriedly bolted down my food.. n went up accompanied by Judie n tahdiah.

The second contestant was already singing by the time we got upstairs. n my sis was no where to be seen. Backstage i think. The 3rd contestant was a lady named Donna.. man, she was good! she got some really good pipes in her!

ok.. fast forward! when it was my sis's turn.. GOD! all of us were feelin nervous for her! they announced her name.. she went up the stage.

Rudy asked her "So who are u impersonating"

Sis sez "im gonna be impersonating Chris Richardson"

"Owh! well, good improvement there!"

So Rudy & JJ leave the stage.

*music plays*

Okay.. i rather not critic her here.

All i can say is.... she was bloody NERVOUS! her voice was shaking the whole time!

okey okey.. anyway, when it was over.. time for the judges critics.

The judge hu i forgot his name sed.. I think it was Bryan.

"So, are u more relaxed now? Cuz u looked like u were scared to Death on stage! U forgot ur lyrics.. intonation was out.. But, I have to giv u props having guts standing there infront of all these people!"

*Thundrous applause n cheers*

okey. next was Marion.

"I totally agree witb Bryan. I'll never be able to do what ur doing soo, just getting up there, you know, takes alotta guts! umm, u look very nervous but i think u have a VERY sweet voice but u were just so scared."

Heh, applause again from our side.

So next was JoeyG's turn.

"I think it wud've been alot nicer if we cudve gotten hold of the DJ just now and asked him to lower down the music a little cuz i felt like the music was kinda drowning out ur voice. Okey.. But u look great. umm, u look very nervous but thats ok cuz we can see that u have a Beautiful smile. *cheers from the crowd!*

Sis sez "Thank you guys!"

*walks of stage*

We, the supporters.. frens and family then goto her n cheer her up, cuz she thought she did terrible.

So after that, finally the storm clears.. everythings over. No more pressure. There was this other girl.. hu was the only other 18yr old girl that performed "PCD-Sway" after my sis.. n her singing.. was AWFUL! the minus-one cd she used.. wasnt even minus-one! everyone cud here nicole's voice out loud "Sway with me~ make me sway~" n her voice tenggelam.. but she threw in a couple of vigor dance moves. which got the guys attention.

So when it was the judging time... all the contestants got on stage. 11 in all. one didnt come. the judges asked 6 to step forward. My sis? she was in the row that stepped in front. All 6 didnt make it. We consoled her, she almost cried n stuff... but well.. theres no use cryin over spilt milk.

so outta the 5 ppl... 2 more were cut. so the top 3 were 1 guy, 2 girls.

the guy was this Sanjaya fan hu had the pony-hawk hair.

The 2 other girls was that jasmine huertas n that gedik-ish pcd girl i was tellin u about.

So anyway, they performed again, n the winner was the Pony-Hawk dude! hu was like 52 yrs old!

So when all was over... it was PIc taking time! heh, i got a shot with JJ n RudyImage406 .

N my sis got a pic with MarionImage404

Then us guys, me, izz, n ross tried to take a pic acting gay with JoeyG.. but its sorta.. not really a good public photo.. so im not putting it up here!

So when all was done. i went home with my sis, n mom, n big sis.


-The End-