Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Seafield on a Wednesday

It's day 3 in class now. Today was koko selection day so the whole school was pretty much out and about the premises within the first 3 periods of the day.

Walking around with my friends, we dump our bags at the canteen since it's such a hassle to carry the
oh so heavy weight all around. After a bunch of nudging and squeezing I finally found my way through into the hall. Brrr!! Was it freezing in there!

In the dewan I found myself walking aimlessly looking for the Band's counter. I found the fact that seniors had to register again ridiculous. Somehow I found myself at the cheer counter. So I thought "I am so lost." So I start back trekking to see where Band was. In the end my sense of
keen direction has once again misdirected me to not where i intended to go, Kelab Cintai Alam Sekitar.

Walked around for abit to see if I could spot any friends. Everytime I saw Zhen Bon with the CF banner I kept going "GAAAh!" Just for fun xD No offence to u cf people.

Luckily, I soon bumped into 2 fellow bandmates with their help, made it to the registry counter where actually was just
opposite the cheer counter.

After that I walk along and head for the exit where I bump into Wei Mund and she gave me a free sweet to join interact! So a man's gotta keep his word right? So I exit the dewan and look for Interact... which happends to be anywhere except where I go. Luckily this time I bumped in Shiva! The dude brings me, QingYin, and Lavy to interacts counter. There I got 2 more choclairs for registering!~ yumm... I know.. I'm a sucker for sweets. Then the teacher in charge, a nice
old lady, Pn. Joyce Xavier greets me. I return it and she starts inquiring whether I joined the debate team or not. I had no idea when or where to register fat that. So she ended up taking down my name to do it for me.

"GAAAh!" I went as I saw Zhen Bon come around the corner again. This time he came and started hugging me with the banner!

With Unit beruniform and club checked, it was time to select a game. I head back to the dewan, and first thing that catches my eye.. Golf. I'm fascinated with golf. But on the counter notice was:
"If you have no money then Don't need to join!"

My friend JianWai actually took the notice seriously. Well I signed up for it anyway. I suck at other sports anyway. FootBall's a no, Badminton's line was as long as the Nile, and basketball? boo. No interest. I also ended up joining bowling just in case golf IS too expensive.


In class, the first teacher in 4Damai was Pn. Leela. History. Quite the serious one.

Second in, Pn. Chemistry, I didnt't catch her name. Not the most strict teacher and doesn't uphold discipline much.

3rd in, Mr. EST. Also didn't catch his name. A bit odd though. He gives off this impression where he doesn't know how to teach and likes to flirt with schoolgirls which flirts aren't returned.

4th in, Pn. Zuhaidah. BM. Strict, nice, fun? An okay bm teacher for the year. She made us copy down her contact number on our books in case we need some home work help in the middle of the night. (Yeah, I'll be the first to call her!)

Owh, and todaym Sue Anne
Legally transferred class into 4D. Alamaak! There goes the perfect balance of feng shui in 4D. But fortunately, having her around wasn't so bad. The people who were there in class should know; guys especially. ! joy! We got a free show. Ooh! And Emilias back from SriKL! And she tumpang my class jap. So in the end 4D was damai again.


Went online and got bored so I did something random. So I Googled myself.

And then it started to rain. So I had to shut down my pc.


At 8 pm, I watched My Girl on HBO. And here's a question. How many of you didn't cry at the end of it?? (Heartless people.)

Till next time, cya!

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