Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Merry Thaipusam to you follks! I think.. are you supposed to be happy on thaipusam..?

Bleargh! being a holiday right in the middle of the week, its a godsend! Whoever said form4 was a honeymoon year really had their head lost in the clouds somewhere cuz homework has been making its way into my bag and has been evading the scribbling of my pen, therefore the teachers desk is out of the question. After only a few weeks it's evolved into a mountain! not to mention all the extra projects already set! And there's a worry that despite I've redyed my hair back to black the colour seems to be fading.. back to brown. Must be all that stress I suppose.

Anyways, I slept in today, till about 12. Reeeeal nice. After that, my bunch decided to take a little visit to my new house! Yes, I'm moving too. But date is not set. The housing area was behind USJ something.. 24 kot. Still in development, but the show houses look real nifty!

Dining Room

The Living Room

Defenitely my kind of Decoration.

So after leaving our future home, we decide to take a stroll around the construction and see the other houses-to-be.

Familyku menyekodeng Rumah

The day was freakishly hot so after about.. two hours we went home.

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