Monday, December 24, 2007

Wet Barbeque

Today, it's a continuation of yesterday's sleepover!

I left Azim's place with a ride from Pawan's mom at 2pm.
My mom was leaving for India on a business trip within 3 hours.
So when I got home, spruced myself up, and headed for
Universiti Malaya where my dad works to pick him up so we could all go as a family to see my mom off.

As we were heading there, a thunderstorm broke. It was pretty heavy. Then we reached my dad's workplace, picked him up and headed our way.

At first, the plan was just to see my mom off at
KL Central where she could take the shuttle to KLIA. But unfortunately, that was impossible. Why?

Heavy Rain

FYI: That's not a Jetski, it's a motorcycle.

The roads on KL side were completely submerged with disgusting sewage water!

So road access was completely inaccessible so we doubled-back and just decided to directly go to KLIA.

So when we were there, helped my mom checked in. Then I saw my mom off to board her plane.

Okay, just kidding. My mom's plane only took flight at 8pm so me and the rest of the family couldn't just loaf around at the airport all day! So after exchanging
X's and O's with mummy, we leave the airport for home.


The moment I reached home, I had to get ready for the barbeque I was to attend that night. Fir came waltzing in to my place shortly. Then my dad help give us a lift back to Azim's
again where Ayesha, my old friend was to fetch us and Nabeel to Syakirah's barbeque at her house.

The journey to FIND Kira's house felt like something out of
The Amazing Race. It was impossible! Have any of you ever experienced the feeling where you're looking for some place or something and you find every OTHER place except the place you're actualy looking for?! Well that happened tonight! We found the housing area of A and C but where the hell was B!?

So after what seemed like hours in the car, finally, we reach. Just as the clock struck 9. The beginning of the bbq was pretty awkward. Me, never having met Kira in person before, just sed hello. We awkwardly started waddling like penguins along the front porch of her house toward the barbeque. We helped ourselves to some food. Then just duduk and.. well. nothing. It was seriously the most
awkward party I ever been to. Guy's one one side, doing absolutely NOTHING. And girls on the other, watching TV.

An hour into the party, only did things start to warm up. With the introduction of a pack of cards.. and the ban of watching TV, all the fellow guests started to clump closer together. We played Western Hold'em Poker.. with no bets. Then Black Jack. Also with no bets. Then I raise the stakes by betting Nabeels

After that we started playing UNO stacko.

Soon, the stack went
Timber. And like any other party, what else was there to do after games but.. gossips! So here come people from both SMSJ and Seafield sharing skool gossips among each other.

It trailed off into the night. Then the others started playing Tekken 5 which no offence, I find absolutely boring. Then, what party isn't complete without a group photo?

Alas! Syakirah's bro isnt a very experienced photographer. So that was pretty much all the guests.

Shortly after playing bottle spin, our respective parents came to pick us up. But Me, Mukri, Nabeel and Fir squeezed into Ayesha's Waja to get home. So it was pretty cramped. AND it sorta got kinda gay in there.

Then Ayesha's dad dropped me off at home. And with that, the day concluded!

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