Thursday, April 19, 2007

My First Time to Sport's Day.. EVER!

Well, to start it off.. today i woke up for the first time.. without my parents or anyone else's help.. totally independant! Fuyooooh! unless u include my handphone alarm n a watch and a clock radio alarm..

So anyway.. i rise from my slumber. It's 5.30am. So i go for a cold morning shower. I got out of the showers at 6.. *30 mins? wat the hell? did i fall asleep in there?!* And all bandees who'r taking the bus to MPSJ are supposed to be at skool by 6.30.. cuz the bus will be leaving by then. So my dad wakes up cuz he usually goes to the mosque in the mornings.. but cuz of me.. he din get to go today.. so he wanted to send me to skool.. but before that singgah petrol station so i ended up reaching JUST on time! sampai sampai all the instruments are all out n ready.

A few mins go by then the bus arrives.. n i was like *WTH? its an old darn skool bus with no aircon?!* i was imagining sum kinda nice big bus... so anyway.. we had to angkat all the heavy percussion instruments aboard first.. so it took up like half f the bus! including all the tuba's and carriers... so all of us just crammed in n stood up.. cuz there wernt any place to sit!

So the journey there.. we were all damn excited.. n eager. I mean.. we actually sang lagu SEKOLAH! So about like... 7 o'clock i think.. we reached MPSJ.. and put our bags n unloaded our instruments.. a lil pep talk.. n we had to rehearse for perbarisan. Mr.Mar, our.. instructor? helped us abit.. i guess. man.. i don't like him.. *ok, a lil sidetracking here. let's recall something that happened it one of the practises..

" Mr.Mah was askin me to follow this new beat for my bass drum scores in border crossing, the song for our performance.. cuz the original needed 2 sticks.. n we're short on sticks. So there i was tryna get the beat. But i Just COULDN'T! no offence.. but seeing his round figure n cross-sighted eyes lookin at me going "un-tak-un-tak-tak" was just too hillarious... so i cudnt concentrate.. n was all giggling inside! But i guess after that he took me for retarded or something.. cuz i cudnt get such simple beats. So he asked me:

"U play piano?"

So i was like "err.. yeah"

"What grade?" he asks

"erm.. grade 1" i answer..

And he sez "ooh.. cha dao.." or something like that... which means like "sweat!"

and the everyone starts laughin at me.. pffft!

it's not my fault! i stopped for 3 years!

So bottom line.. i dislike mr.mah.."

ANYWAY.. returning to the actual story here..

After a round of practice.. of the perbarisan n our border crossing formation.. we rehat rehat kejap.. n poor ol' JoBenn lost his bag! Screw the guy who stole them! luckily he took out his camera awal-awal..

Then after that.. a few minutes go by.. then.. it was time. We all got up from our resting places n fell in to our formations. Heh.. the cool part about the perbarisan is.. Me, as the bass drummer. do all the beats.. so the Whole skool, has to kawat ikut MY beats.. hehehe.. the sucky part is.. i cant stop.. till the whole skool habis marching! thus.. i got like blisters on my hand... and a hand cramp!

So we marched one round around.. or was it half? around the track field. then i cut the beats so we cud change from the drum major to "Patriots of Parade". Then when the songs over we resumed the drum major..till everyone was in place.. n we stopped the beats. Then a whole karangan of an ucapan from Pn.Wang.. some PIBG's. After that, Meryl.. is that how u spell her? went up front for the ikrar. Bah! i cudnt help laughing.. that time..

So after then we had to do the drum major again so the other persatuans n rumah sukan can get away from the field so we cud perform our Border Crossing with formation.


After all was done n we were happy we cud like now rest.. the percussions had to head back to skool to drop off our instruments. So There came the buruk bas skolah again to fetch us. Again, in the bus we were all crammed up.. but nobody cared.. but Zhen Bon sorta stank.. ehehe then we took sum pics. We arrived in skool, unloaded the instruments.. then took more pics in the dewan! hehe.. then baru masuk the bus again n returned to MPSJ.

Bila we sampai at MPSJ, Daniel, our VP sed we cud do whatever. Lepak-lepak here or at Taipan or Run for ur acara's or anything! But be back here at 12pm. so it was 10 o'clock that time.. so ok.. 2 hrs of anything..

So since the groupie who went back to skool were mostly percussionists.. i cudnt find my buddy jian wai.. cuz he was a blower. So i decided.. lets just hang out with angie, qingy and eelaine for a change! So i ikut them walk about... then took sum pics with them.. heh one time i mintak Adli to take a pic for us.. n they were like " eh? did u just like ask some random guy to take a pic?" hehehe.. "hmm? him? no ler.. hes a friend of mine"

So anyway, after then we met up with yan chi.. in her cheer outfit.. heh..(Oi yan chi! i didnt giv u no "look"!) so then the girls got a few pics taken.. then yan chi bla sumwhere.. then we saw lavynnia run. then after that she kesakitan kaki. so we just lepak lepak about under the hot sun.. wearing black.. so we totally absorbed all the heat!

At about 11 o'clock i started to get reeeeallly hungry! so i ajak them ikut makan.. but eelaine didnt wanna go.. n qingy malas.. so ended me, angie n kee wei went. And i had to go on a coke errand for eelaine n qingy. the 3 of us bumped into Garrick on the way. We just bersimbang-simbang till sumwhere near the gates n turns out garrick wasnt followin us.. so three of us just walked out the gate. But at the gate.. there was this like PMS pengawas or somethin.. she was like..

"where u goin?!?!"

"err. out? to eat.."

"cannot! go back inside"

kee wei and angie just continue walking while i stall her

"who sez we cant go out? im hungry n thers no food"

"cannot! go back inside!"

*turns around n just walks away to catch up with them 2.

Hmm.. the walk to taipan was moderately hot.. n me n kee wei were sniffin on some strawberry fag... Mmmm... strawberry.. (don't worry.. it wasnt lighted.. just smelt good XD then we got sorta lost.. didnt know where mcD was.. or where kopitiam was either... eventaully we found it.. and all the other bandees were at mcD already!

Well.. at mcD there was xp, zhen bon, jo ben, evon, isaac, lavynnia (how the heck did she get thereb before we did?!), lionel.. etc's.. So i just ordered a set meal of chicken mcdeluxe. and a choc sundae for angie. Then we just lung about.. alotta ppl curi my fries! n since mcD was out of mcEggs for some unknown reason... angie was hungry n cant eat anything else there.. it was 11.30 by then.. so most of the bandees who were at Kopitiam across the street joined us at mcD. Then they headed back to MPSJ.. but i still havent gotten my burger n angie belum makan yet!

Heh.. luckily we got the baik hati Dylan to wait with us.. So after like 5 mins my burger sampai.. n i just dapao.. cuz no time to eat there.. n the 3 of us headed to some indian store.. and ordered veggie nasi beriyani.. (is that how u spell it???) for angie.. n who wudve thought.. it tastes quite good! i let dylan finish the rest of my burger.. cuz of the time squeeze.. i had to tumpang makan angies nasi.. so we cud finish it faster! heh... then we 3 borak-borak abit.. and later i payed.. i still remember the price!

2 sprites + veggie nasi beriyani = RM8.20

not bad.

So the 3 of us started heading back to MPSJ.. in a hurry! cuz it was 11.50 by then.. n we didnt know what wud the seniors do to us if we were late! sampai panjat pagar! but cheh... we sampai pun.. do nothing... just lepak lepak sumore.. ambik gambar here n there. And i gave piggie back rides to lionnel.. n sorta fell on him.. (hey sorry bout the dirt on ur shirt) and to Dylan.. bahh.. heavy! n he gave me a ride too! wee~ Then dylan started eating fries from a bag on the floor.. YUCK!

After that the band just started taking pics here n there... n me Ssb_crammedand angie started telling lame jokes... n pranks.. (fishballs.. and walking into a tree..) lolz.. then i passed qingy n eelaine their cokes..

heh, then i saw a few of my buddies run. at first i saw emirul.. which was in rumah biru.. so i was like "GOOOO BIRUUU!!" then from behind me angie was like "ARIFFF!!!!" n i looked n i was like "eh? ariff? GOOO ARIFF!!!" (wei! ape dah jadi? ape ko buat ah sampai lagi lembab dari emirul?!)


So after all was done we berkumpul cuz they were about to announce the winners for the perbarisan.. We all started goofing about.. making pyramids n dancing about! n sean started doing some dirty dance! hehehe! Then me n sher hann lawan piggie back rides! i angkat angie while she angkat sum girl i forgot who.. sorry! but after all the goofing.. when they announced the winners. n we DIDN't WIN! BOOOO! stupid scouts (no offence) took it home! Our pres.. Sher Han n a few others cried.. i guess its no wonder.. after all those hours under the sun.. sigh..

Well anyway, we promised we'd take the trophy home NEXT year!

So after that.. a few of us went home.. while the rest went for drinks.. or as they sed.. "Yam cha" was it? man.. i really gotta work on my chinese vocab.. At first the plan was to go to strawberry fields or something... but in the end we ended up in Leo's. Man.. that place macam takde business at all! we datang baru bising! We had the waiters susun the table into one nice looooong table. heh.. n ironically.. the waiter looked like Mr.Mah!

We started taking our orders n stuff.. n the waiter mcm blur-blur.. so sum1 asked..

"can u remember all this?"

the waiter sed "if i cannot remember i come back n ask la"

so we were like.. okaaaay... swt..

Then he came back n sed somethin like "lenglui, blah blah blah menu" in cantonese.. which none of us understood.. all of us were like "huh"? then we saw a Menu under lavy's elbows.. so just faham faham la.. n passed him the menu.

So after he took like 4 ppl punya order he got confused n gave it up n took our orders on a paper.. and man.. of course its hard to remember! The drinks' names there were like bloody weird... like Hawaiian_soda_teh_ais_honey_citrus_love_Angie's "Difficult to Resist" or Qingy's "Love Overflow". But some senang la.. like my Hawaiian Soda.. and lavy's Honey Citrus.. and Emmanuals.. Teh Ais.. heh.. we even took a pic of them!


Heheh.. after that.. we all started saying out our sir names!i forgot how it started... starting from emmanual it was:


angie: Low!


Eelaine: Wan!

ANd so on.. so it went around the whole table.. i cant remember all of them! i think there was a Lim? Tan? Leong? anyway... afterwards it patah balik full circle.. back to qingyin hu sed: Choo!

But then.. i was the last.. so i was like.. err.. MUHAMMAD! then everyone there laughed.. lolz.. i'm the only malay in the band...

So after that we just talked alot.. then we had trouble paying.. cuz tak cukup duit.. qing yin was supposed to belanja us! but SHE tak cukup duit.. so we borrowed 5 bucks from Samuel. And man.. the service there sucks.. it took them like sooooooo long to process our bills...

Total was RM21.32! for THREE drinks.. plus 2glasses of air kosong.. which costs 50cents for 1.

So then we just lepak inside the leo's while waiting for angie's dad to come pick her up while the the others went home.. After awhile, she just dissappeared! no1 knew where she went! till i called her then she sed her dad dah sampai n she balik edi.. pfft! didnt even bother to tell anyone.

So then.. tinggal Me, Qingy, Eelaine, Lavynnia, Lionnel, Wei Kit, Adelin, karyn.. at leo's (did i miss anyone out?) n it was 3 something.. so decided.. let's just walk home la..

Thus.. me, qingy eelaine, lavy, lionnel , wei kit left leo's. I tolong angkatkan lionnels bag for him (cheh im so baik hati) But before goin home.. lionnel wanted to eat sum junk.. so we singgah Kiosk to buy potato chips.. or was it tortillas? and qingy belanja me 100 plus. wee~ thx qingy! heh.. at the counter lavy n qingy n eelaine started checkin out the condoms n laughed at the brand.. "Shoot". I was sorta shocked.. heh.. i guess im just too naive.. i mean even us guys tak pegang the box n membelek about.. when they looked at the box n the flavours n stuff.. (I wonder for what??) Heh.. then i was like

"Man, lavynnia! ur bro's here! dont conaminate him!"

heh.. then he somthin like "yeah. im still so young. dont make me think dirty"

hehehs.. that lil rascal.

So afterwards we headed out of kiosk.. n lionnel promoted his Barbershop.. (???) n we FINALLY headed home. The day was hot. the Sun was high up. But we didnt feel that hot.. cuz it was sorta breezy! n damn.. the whole time we were walkin we were walkin in 2x3 rows.. (gahh! its a habit to walk in formations now!) n wer humming BORDER CROSSING! Then where was the part where i almost fell into the longkang.. n the part where i almost banged into a stop sign.. n the part where i was marching backwards n banged into qingyin n almost sent HER into the longkang..

Finally after we sampai the main road seperating usj5 from usj2... n here.. i saved qingy's life! she just blindly crossed the road.. while sum car was speeding on.. luckily i held her back! So when we reached the other side.. lavy's mom was there to pick her up.. so the others all got a lift from her.. i insisted on walking.. well, my hse was the whole other way anyway.. so i walked on alone after saying my goodbyes!

Heh.. the walk home was sorta lonesome.. n boring. I lalu infront of skool.. n saw the kakak kantin was chasing after a car yellin "OI OI OI TUNGUU!" while holding a plastic bag of packets of.. dunno wat.. nasi lemak perhaps?

So after that.. i reached home. Tired. Worn out. Exhausted! and with an empty wallet... but happie!