Monday, January 7, 2008

Locked On.

Finally today, Seafield had it's streaming.

And after listening to the "Ooh's" and "Yeay's" and "Aww's" of the first three pure science classes being announced, finally I hear my name being called out. It's Damai for me. So I get up reluctantly from my group of friends pessimistic about what the class holds for me. But just as soon as I take 4 steps toward the line, Firdaus' name gets called! Followed by Pravin and JianWai. Then we meet up with Jade later on in the class line.

The class shuffles along up the stairs into our designated classroom. It's fairly big; bigger tham the class I had last year at least. Windows were grimy, tables had a few layers of dust. Perfect learning environment. Among the faces who got chucked with us were Ben Tan, QingYin, Lavynnia, Hani, Leap Ren, Aqilah and etc. Overall, not a really bad crowd. We were a bunch of average people. The only one who got straight A's in my class that I knew off was this new kid from Maxwell's Private School. His name was Thanaraj. Nice guy, him.

The only major drawback was my class teacher. Pn. Saripah. Yeah, to most of the other students, she seems fair enough. But wouldn't it really suck if a teacher just happened to be friends with your mom, still in contact with her, and has taught every single sibling of yours before you and bitches about their wrong doings to your dear parentals? In my case, she's the teacher, and both my sisters are involved.

And my fears weren't far off either! The second she started teaching her first math lesson, she started to question me all her subject questions. And as soon as she wrote down notes on the blackboard, she'd walk over to my table while others are copying and start having a heart to heart talk about my career choices and family. Stuff like "Mak bapak tak marah ke tak dapat 5A saja PMR??" WTF?!

And trust me, it isn't paranoia.

Later on, Sue Anne pops into my class and claims she's now a 4D student. Big surprise how she managed that. So yeah, here comes another class distraction.

And in my class, there were only 7 budak melayu. Im one, fir's the other, 1 other sitting alone in the corner, one other ponteng'd on the first day in class. As for the girls, there were Hani, Aqilah and one other. Did I miss any out? Nope. Perfect 7.

Soon our Bio teacher Pn. Malar debriefed us on SPM format. Then we have to get our SPBT borrowed books.

Nothing much happened actually. Just that now I'm starting to wish more than ever Pawan was back.

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