Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Days Three Thru Four - Out with éos

Have you ever had a dilemma about holiday? Like when it's a holiday, you're supposed to rest, take a break, after all school's put you through, but at the same time, you don't wanna have that feeling of regret that you didn't fully maximize the time you had during the holidays when school reopens?

Maybe so, but maybe not. But it's that way for me.

So I actually got up in the A.M. part of the day today. But well, of all the reasons why, I was just hungry. Like excruciatingly hungry that my stomach grumbled 5 times per minute.

So off I went to the kitchen to go and see what could possibly be used for fuel. So there I was, standing in front my household fridge which has been in the family for over a decade. Do you guys ever just stop, and stare and a particular object in your house, which you take for granted, but you've probably grown up from child to adult with it. Well it was that way with me and the fridge, the telly, my bed, and the sofa. Everyday things which last it seems forever.

So anyway, yeah, there i was in koreking the fridge for anything nice to eat. Good news to my tummy, I found
Waffle Crisp! The super-delicious breakfast cereal that tastes like WAFFLES and HONEY! Yumm~ So I took a bowl and placed it on the counter. Then I went back to the fridge for milk, ALAS! No milk. It has been awhile since my family went out grocery shopping. So no milk. Yeah, something that could actually get me grumpy in the morning. Nobody likes Dry Cereal. So there went the cereal chucked back into the fridge.

Contingency Plan - Lets cook something.

I felt adventuruos today, so what the hell, I chopped up some potatoes and onions and garlic and stirfried them. and cooked them with whatever spices i could get my hands on. Then I made an ommelette.

Well around the time I was cooking, my friend, Aizad text'd me. He ajak'd me to go play tennis and to go swimming with him and the others, Abu and Fariz. So sure, I didn't have any plans that day.

After cooking, I had to gobble down an INCREDIBLY disgusting concoction of mine. the potatoes I cooked were too salty and got burnt because I was on the phone too long, but the eggs turned out fine. So well, it was a sad breakfast for me.

Well later I walked to my Fariz's house, so I could hitch a ride to Holiday Villa, but I didn't have to walk all the way, because he picked me up while I was still infront of Etika Jaya. Owh, and today just felt like a day for photography, so I brought my eos along. So here's just some pics of the neighbourhood.

From there, we went straight to Villa. Where Abu and Aizad were already waiting for us at the lobby. I've never really been in Holiday Villa. So well, with camera in hand I went snapping away. It does look rather lavish. But since it's so close to home, the extravagant magic doesn't stretch out a whole lot.

So we walked past a courtyard, then a gym. Then we arrived atthe pool and there was a counter at the side where there were two hotel workers.

Aizad wanted to go swimming, so he stayed behind at the pool while the three of us went up the Tennis Courts. Well, at a tennis court, we played tennis obviously.

Fariz's Surf

The tough competitor


It's my first time playing tennis and I was well, would you say I rock at tennis or I suck, if on the first serve I manage to hit the ball up.. up.. and away, into the parking lot?

Yeah, well that happened. We had 3 balls with us. All Fariz's. The first two went over the fencing into the parking lot below. The third.. couldn't be recovered because it went in the direction of the swimming pool. And all of it was MY doing! I dunno.. maybe it's just my superbly masculine strength or something =P

We just hoped it didn't knockout any swimmers unconcious. It'd certainly suck to drown because of a stray tennis ball.

So because we didn't have any more balls with us, Abu and I had to go and get them back. We went down and around to get the 2. Then threw them back up towards the tennis courts.

When we went back up, Aizad had joined us. Must have been no hot girls swimming in the pool, or he probably got bored of swimming alone.

Abu was tired, Aizad was hungry, and Fariz was relentless. So I joined Fariz for a bit more of tennis, then we called it a day and packed up.

Then we decided to grant Aizad's wish to eat at Taj's Curry house for some dinner.

It's a mamak restaurant just across the street from SJMC, in the same row as the Windmill, which I think has been around since I could remember!

When we walked into the retaurant, what a surprise, I found Lavynnia eatng dinner there with her bro and mum! Or rather, it was Lavynnia eating and her brother and mum watching! =P Anyway, ignoring them, Aizad got his nasi lemak, I got myself a thosai, Fariz and Abu both ordered nasi goreng. After we ate, Aizad had a call from his mom. Apparently, his cousin, Adib, which we all knew was staying over for the night.

Then well, the plan to just play tennis.. kind of shifted into a spontaneous sleepover. So we all agreed to just crash at Aizad's place, since we all had extra clothes for would-have-been swimming.

At Aizad's house, we just crashed in the kitchen for awhile, playing some music with Aizad's piano and some noise with his violin.

Then we decided to play around with my camera shutter. We managed to make images like these:

After that we went upstairs and played
Rock Band on...

his PS3 till like 4am. The game was really cool, it's like
Guitar Hero except there's even a drum set and a microphone so people can play till max of 4 players. Guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

Before we went to sleep, Aizad forced us to watch 28 weeks later, but it was sooo late none of us had the energy for an action/thriller. But we watched it anyway. Luckily we had a friendly companion nearby to keep us some company.

Meet Ed!

The next day, we went to Aizad's second apartment to swim. He owns one of the apartments next to Carrefoure.

After some splashing, and some marco polo, and some diving, we gout out, dried ourselves, and had lunch in Nandos, Subang Parade. After that, there isn't much more to tell. So the day is pretty much, that.

Owh yeah, I also had this pic to show: Click it to enlarge!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who Wouldn't Love The Holidays?

Alright, after about three months, it seems like the perfect time to resurrect my blog. So here goes a little tell about of how I spent my first three days in this long awaited and needed august holidays.

Day One

Well, for starters, this day was more of a business trip rather than a holiday weekend. Today, SMK Seafield's interact Board of Directors went to SMKSU for this leadership training thing. So well, I had to get up at about 7 in the morning, and what a hassle that was! As previously planned, four other interacters were to hitch a ride with me to SU, so one by one they showed up at my house, around 7.30 a.m.

First came Razlan, then came John, last came Rayvin, who got complete lost. Oh wait, my bad. Last was Pravin, because he didn't even SHOW UP. So well my dad and I and the rest got into the CR-V and scooted over to Pravin's place. After he lodged himself together with the other three in the back, we headed off to ss18.

When we unloaded at Subang Utama, we bumped into Jun Yi, who was well, first there. then we sorta had to wait an eternity for our President. When Leonie finally arrived, we gave her the cold shoulder and denda her to belanja us makan. But, like all (self-proclaimed) great leaders, their never late. You were just too early. So there goes proof that there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Anyway, all 16 of us trooped upstairs into one of the school's classroom/hallrooms. Yeah, here's about the time Seafieldians would go "booyeah! We have an airconned hall!" So then there the little training program went on. from 8a.m. till 2p.m. YAWN.

It was alright at times though, Rern Sean was being Rern Sean. And I met with other primary school friends, like Dheepan and Sheng Ling. All of them were interacters too.

Later that day, I went to Pyramid with Pravin and Razlan for lunch. Well nothing fun there, just three guys eating lunch in Hartz Chicken Buffet. Well later we bought these jumbo playing cards just for kicks. And when I say jumbo, I mean like it wa HUGE. Well, we went to the park later that day and played with them.

Basically, this day was a holiday spoilt by work. So it was quite void of excitement.

Day Two

Odd enough, do you guys ever remember when you were kids? Like REALLY kids. Before puberty, where you could just meet strangers like other kids at the park and make friends in heartbeat, when you were so full of like you woke up before your parents?

Well, now I'm in my teens. And well, from morning glory, I've become the sort of nocturnal. So anyway, On Saturday err, morning? Well, I woke up at 2. So the morning was gone. Bummer.

So today, the weather was awesome. Blue skies with patches of clouds placed perfectly in the right place to block out direct sunlight. And the wind was marvellous. Downside: It's Subang Jaya, where the freshest air you can get, is probably at the park, which is most likely always placed next to a main road. So what do you get? Crap polluted CO'd air.

Today, Pawan came back home! Well, our home at least. His old home. Because he moved some time ago to Seremban. So well the foursome friends were complete today! So of course we were off to have an adventure. So Pravin, Razlan, I and Pawan went to 3k because Pawan got wind of a book sale by Pay-Less Books there. Razlan was also enthusiastic for similar reasons. Pravin and I on the other hand, wanted to check out the gym. Pravin and Razlan both joined the school's newly born Rugby team. So they needed to get in shape.

Well, the four of us walked to the bus stop in front of Summit and took a metrobus to 3k. And the stupidest thing, and bad luck for Pawan, there was NO book sale to be seen there. A wedding, yes, but no book sales were to be heard of in 3k that day. The concierge lady said he must've been mistaken with 3C, the neighbouring childrens facility. So in utter dismay, Pawan and Razlan didn't manage to get their books. But hey, they still joined us in the gym. And we booked it for 1 hour.

So the workout was well, tiring. What else could it be.

Fast forward an hour - The four of us got hungry, and hey, how convinient it was for a nicely placed A&W restaurant placed right next to the 3k building. Now lets all run 10 miles on the treadmill, do 50 rips on the weights, and do 30 sit ups only to award ourselves with a nice coney dog, double scoop ice cream waffle and a rootbeer float =D

After that, we had to make our journey home. So it was a nice slow walk. No rush. Pawan, Pravin and I reminisced about our old primary school as we passed by it. It looks so pathetic and old now compared to it's glory days when we strode the halls.

One of the greatest nostalgiv landmarks, was the monsoon drain right infront of the school. We well, er, Pawan had this crazy idea of actually going threw one of the sewage pipes.

I was somewhat reluctant. Then he and Pravin both went through it. So then I was like "oh what the hell!"

So the three of us went through the drain pipe! It was DISGUSTING in there. And it smelled like longkang!

Why I love being a kid.

Unfortunately after our little "expedition", Pawan was late. He needed to get back home. Seremban. So we hadnt much time left. So off to home!

Pravin was Pooped. He actually had to take a break going up the stairs.

Then when we got back in USJ2, it was bye bye to Pawan. So after all that, the day I say, was concluded.