Monday, December 11, 2006

It's a bird, it's a plane! No! It's Lipton ice'd tea serdak!


Okey, well today, I got up at a slow grumpy start....... snore.. snort.. roll over.. okey u get the idea.

Well then, I kinda made this decision to turn vegetarian, don't ask me why. So thenI ate kokocrunch for breakfast... n i kinda forgot about it n tgk tv for awhile.. n it kinda turned soggy

So enough about boring old breakfast.. Since i just got back from singapore the previous day, well, I was kinda behind in the happenings of the times.. So i gave a call to some of my friends who i felt like spending some quality time with... but before that, i of course called angie! cakap cakap after 5 days tak cakap! then woops.. fone bill naik pulak.. so we sed our then i called the guys.and most of them, were well, busy.. Hakim was skating in that new Sk8 park in usj11 with pawan. n pravin wanted to go to OU with his MOM. good ol tubbo was in pd getting bitten by wild bugs. n sofia, was just being a couch potato... but fir was all green, but it'll be weird if it was just me n him.. so i thoguth, "lets giv fariz a visit" so i called him up. talked then hung up, with an itchy feeling on my eyebrow, n well, ok the eyebrow thing had nothing to do with anything..

So then i go get some chocs from the fridge, then my ass starts tickling cuz my fone was in my butt pocket n was vibrating all over... so then hakim calls me over to his hse cuz their back n fir was with him n pawan. so we went there. main guitar there abit, then pawan ade tuition so he balik.

So Fir, Bir n I headed to summit. we went to san fransisco steakhouse pegi makan.. n well, i had to break my vegetarian vow for today. (sorry angie! i'll start from tomorrow!)

then ade this sale baju, fir bought this shirt for 19 bucks. then this is where the adventure starts!

We were sorta full n tired, but then ade this urge of bebudak nakalness! we went to summit hotel n naik the lift all the way to the 22nd floor. u know that building u can see from well.. the whole petaling jaya. well there was this window.. n it was just so nice to look thru! we cud see for miles! and well, it was open.. n down there... ade this swimming pool.. so me n hakim ambik some teabgs from the room servicer, LIPTOn! then we went to the window n koyak n baling! n it went falling into the pool! then firdaus baling batu then this poolguy pegi panggil security tunjuk tunjuk atas! we were like "holy shit lets get outta here" n hakim or fir ludah down, then we cabut. we were scared kena tangkap turun lift.. so we went down the stairs.. 21 floors..n then lalu this big burly guards.. then macam, act natural.. heheh, then alls green.. we just went skating in the evening..

and owh yea! today, after the loong time i cuti from skate. i finally re-landed my SHUVIT!