Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Youngest Fifteen Year Old

Today, was the 23rd of December. Which would mean Pravin's Birthday!

I awoke with a start after my cellphone violently vibrated and wailed as the alarm i set the previous night went off. The clocks hands indicated that it was 8.20 a.m. As I glanced out the window, the warm morning sunlight was pleasant to the touch and I was somehow grateful and sat there on my bed appreciating the warmth since it's been awhile since I last woke up together with the sun.

Pawan, Razlan, Azim, Nabeel, the birthday boy himself and I, were going to celebrate at
Sunway Pyramid and were all scheduled to meet up at Azim's place at 8.30am. Seeing that I only had 10 minutes to spare, I instantly stripped away all manor of clothing and dashed for the bathroom.

After that was done, I left my dwelling and walked to Pawan's.

Around the corner of the alley, I could already glimpse Pravin and Razlan sitting on Pawan's white garden bench situated in Pawan's front yard. That very bench was broken a couple of years back, coincidently, by the current occupants.. well just one of them actually. Pravin.

So I walk pass the gates and soon see Pawan. We all exchange greetings and soon leave together in the direction of Azim's Place. After a few minutes' walk filled with endless chatter, we finally reach Azim's. But guess what? He wasn't even there. He was at his aunt's house and was actually joining us at pyramid. Thus we turn around and head for the bus stop.

We wait 10 minutes or so for Jade who was taking a bus which would also stop at our stop, to pyramid. But when we gave her a call, her bus driver was taking lunch or something.. so we had to wait ANOTHER 10 minutes.

Soon finally the
Rapid KL bus arrives, along with Jade inside it. And we were finally off. During the bus ride, I tasted some of the brownies Jade gave pravin which were absolutely MOUTHWATERING! yumm~

As we arrived at the lionhead entrance, Jianwai called me up badgering about how late we were. Pawan and Pravin headed for
redbox, cuz we wanted to book early while Razlan and I fetch Jian Wai from his lonesome haunt at starbucks. We meet up again at RedBox. And while the two were busy getting a booth, I tie my shoelaces. And when I look up, guess who shows up right out of the blue? Sue Anne! Ahah, I was mildy surprised at her wardrobe. It looked somewhat like she just wrapped a towel around herself.

We were to check in our karaoke booth at 12 o'clock sharp. So we had about three quarters of an hour left. So what else to do.. but scout around for something to stuff our stomachs.. and it had to be vegetarian. Because of Pravin.

So we walked around the new wing.
J.Co's was PACKED as usual. We didn't really ahve the time to spare. SO we looked beside it, which was Pancake House. Mahal gila just for pancakes. So we thought, not worth it. So guess where we actually went??? Poor old Dunkin's Donuts. Whilst there, munching away on donuts and pretzels, Azim and Nabeel appear. So we exchanged somewhat... odd greetings with the both of them. Azim being the very anti-social, and Nabeel.. who I haven'0t met in person in two years.

Soon the time for showing off our vocals came five minutes after that, and we headed back to
RedBox. We got into booth number 9.

The hallway leading down to our booth.

When we got in, the place looked rather nice. Nice comfy looking sofa's propped up against the walls and a large flat screen on the opposite wall. So we just went ahead and made ourselves comfortable and plopped unto the sofa!

Soon, we just went ahead and sang away! It was really fun. Best karaoke I ever been to. Had a duet with Pravin singing
Hollaback Girl and we just nyanyi asal belasah. Andthere were a bunch of assorted songs we sang. Sue Anne didn't sing though... emo as she was, my countless persuasions of "singing helps" didn't make her budge. So for THREE long hours, we were croaking away! In between, there was a lunch break of course, it came along with the room rental. A free meal of Chicken Chops.


When the clock struck 3, we had nothing else to do cuz our time was up, so we just got up and paid and left. Pawan, Me, and Razlan were secretly planning on getting him a cake. So the both of them, excluding me, went to Secret Recipe to get it, while my job was to divert Pravin away and make him oblivious to it. And Pravin being who he is, was completely unawares what Pawan and Razlan were off to do when they told him Pawan wanted to repair his camera and Razlan, saying he wanted to buy school clothes.

In that time, I had to maneuver the crowd to pass the time. We went around to well.. around and around the new wing. From Mark's and Spencer's to British India and all the way to Harvey Normans. Stopped at
Jusco cuz i saw a really neat shirt i liked. Jian Wai and I both went to try some shirts on. Same design but different in pattern. It was really good value too! But i was ONE buck short.. So i didn't get it. Then Jian Wai's mom called and said she was already waiting for him at the entrance to pick him up. (What the hell? gila awal!) So I follow him to the entrance, and since I was seperated from Pravin and the rest, I decide to abandon my duty and just head for Secret Recipe where Pawan and Razlan were. There, the two of them were just loafing around whilst waitingf or the cake to be prepared.

When it was done, it was time to get the birthday boy to the scene! So I call up Sue Anne and tell her to bring them to where us three were at. Thus.. Sue Anne being who she is, took her sweet time in getting there. In the meantime, Pawan, being genius he is, lit the candles on the 6 candled cake, one bigger than the rest, expecting Pravin to be there in
shortly. I on the other hand was walking to and from in front of Secret Recipe like some idiot to surprise Pravin and lead him to the cake cuz Sue Anne was supposed to just make them coincidentally pass by.

After what felt like a
decade, finally I see them approaching. So i come and confront them by accident blaming them on how they just ditched me at Jusco. Then Azim went to get a Beard Papa's cream puff and so did Pravin. FINALLY after that I literally pushed Pravin to his cake.. which.. by then. was smothered with wax thanks to their pace of getting there which matched a snails.

So what we did was ask for another set of candles. And borrowed a lighter from one of the abang pekerja. And set at the table. Pravin in the middle, and seven others.
Me helping out to light the candles.

When all was set, we took deep breaths, put on party hats Pawan bought for all of us, and started singing like thus:

As you can see, Pravin was very shy on cutting his cake. So well, I intervened and cut
generous helpings of Chocolate Indulgence for everyone! Phewh... didn't everyone stuff their faces with cake then. When I finished dividing them unequally among the guests.. THIS was how the cake ended up looking like:

Inscribed on the cake WERE words saying "Our Fifteen Year Old Pravin"

Time was passed with endless chatter while others stuffed their faces with cake.

Even the two girls!

Then when no more could be eaten, we requested the worker to help da pao the cake for Pravin.

Soon, if you happened to be there at the time, you would be able to see a bunch of full bellied teenagers wearing party hats prancing about the mall. We passed by
Giant on the way to the escalator. Here, where was a team of promoters and their merchandise:
Happy cellphone sim cards. Their deals, were pretty good! 1sen/second. 10 sen/sms. No 3g. THAT seemed pretty sucky. BUT! One call never exceeds 99sen. And one call could go long for as long as 45 minutes. Which means you could pretty much talk for 45 minutes nonstop for only ONE RINGGIT!

And guess what? We ALL bought them! Only 5 bucks a pack! So the 9 of us all got ourselves new
Happy numbers!

After that, we felt like we should commerate this act of pure randomness. So i suggest we take a pic of ourselves holding the
Happy's at Harvey Normans. Alas, when we were there... a bunch of teenagers at a furniture shop DOES attract suspicion. So we kena halau. So what else was there to do but go home. The day was major fun already. On the way out, me and Pawan stumbled upon this stuffed animal mimic bag. And it looks EXACTLY like Pawan's cat Tootie!


So anyway, we continue our journey to the exit. Azim and Nabeel detach because they were going back via Nabeel's mom. Us on the other hand, were taking the bus. While waiting for the bus to come, we got shutter happy and finally got our pic with our new Happy's!

Raz, Paw, Prav, Me & Sue

Oddly enough, SueAnne looks like she's wearing her birthday suit in the pic above.
We waited really long for a bus because somehow.. we preferred Rapid KL buses. But it started getting late. So we had no choice, but to board a Minibus!

Cheap: Yes
Cramped: Also Yes

The sun had set by the time we reached Summit Bus Stop. Pawan and Pravin rushed along in fear of being late and pissing of their parents. Razlan soon sped up and caught up with them. Me, not having the need to hurry, and feeling the guilt of just leaving Sue who was walking home with us to walk all the way home, alone just went at a comfortable pace. Besides, our homes were very nearby each others' so we just took a stroll in the dusk. Our endless chatter was very good company amongst the dark deserted streets of USJ2. Finally we both reach Sue's house, bade our goodbyes, then I ran off for home, cuz the party wasn't over for us guys yet! We had a Sleepover to get to!


At 10.30pm i leave my home once again for Azim's place again today. This time I was actually entering the house. So when I got up to Azim's bedroom, which was the whole 2nd storey of his house, Nabeel, Pawan, Razlan, and Pravin were already there. And for the rest of the night.. you could pretty much guess that a Sleepover has hardly anything to do with sleep! We watched a midnight movie; Saw IV that night. Bloody hell violent! Its a good movie though.

The night continues on with sounds of thumps and bumps and cackles of laughter from me and moans from Pravin. After doing alot of random stuff, I give in to the fight between me and the sandman.. and I fell asleep.

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