Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time Capsule


To you guys who don't know what a time capsule is, hear my explanation out.

It's, actually not exactly a capsule per sé. More of a biscuit tin. or shoe box. Anything that doesn't deteriorate once you bury it and lasts an eternity.
Have you ever seen in the movies where close friends stow away their most priceless possessions into a case and bury it under ground... left there for decades untouched? And later when their all old and crinkly open it back up and reminisce at the good old days?
That's what it is.

Thus the name, time capsule.

So anyway, as very well you might have noticed, after PMR... many would move away. Many of my friends as such-- for various reasons. Asrama, emigration, pindah skolah.. stuff like that. So well for me, this time a close friend is moving.

But in the years to come, the number of friends' backs I'll be glimpsing is only gonna increase. One. By. One. So we came up with this idea, to make a time capsule. Stash away all trinkets which have been dear to us. Stuff that remind us of fond memories.

Ahaha. enough about this sounding all emo and stuff. Anyway, imagine this scene!

Me, as an old man.. hopefully happily wed and with many offspring xD and by then.. grandchildrenful.. but still very fit! hohohoho.. yeah. of course i gotta be that fit old grandpa. meeting up at our secret burial spot.

Meeting a wrinkly bald Pawan. Teeth still sparkly white thanks to that infinite brushing habit of his. And there not too far behind him comes Pravin wheezing away. And around the corner comes a classy mercedes-benz sports car.. out comes an old crinkly leg. An old dude in a suit emerges.. *cough cough splutter*. Razlan arrives. His hair white as snow. And maybe for some odd reason so is his mole?

So, We four sit down and greet each other. Soon a distant figure approaches obscured by the morning mist. A figure, long and lean. With the sound of a walking stick.. clinking on the gravel in intervals with solid footsteps. As this stranger comes closer.. he's soo old and hairless.. we hardly recognize him. but then, we see that somehow there's a similarity bewteen the walking stick and him! Oh dear, how could we forget Hakim!

A long elaboration of events that took place for the past 60 years of our lives exchange our presence. Being old men and all, we probably drink hot tea or something.. on a picnic mat. To bask in nostalgia...

Lol. anyway, to you fella's who treasure friendship and want never withering bonds. Make a Time Capsule. It's worthwhile.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you bloody ass
you used our pic and my name is not featured in your blog! >:(

jianwai said...

lanciao didnt panngil me buat time capsule.

ariff said...

gambar aku takde pun. lu lanc huh bai!