Monday, December 17, 2007


Greetings yet again.

Today, I went to Sunway Pyramid, yet again, for the umpteenth time. With some friends.

If only I could go to some other malls huh? I haven't even been to OU. Or Time's Square. OR Midvalley.


So continuing on, my day starts of with a kick start by a phone call from Pawan. He ajak's me to go skate with him. Reluctantly I slink outta bed, brush my teeth, put on some outdoor clothes and I was off. (Yeah, I didn't bathe. If you're just gonna sweat a whole lot and get dirty and smell which means a shower all over again, what's the point?)

After the regular falls and aches and bruises of skating, Pawan, Ariff and I decide to just sit and rest. It wasDuring that time, we saw this Red Honda Jazz drive by. Whose was it? Afiq. Ariff gave him a call, saying "Pegi sunway tak ajak woo.. macam ni kawan!"

I of course.. having planned the outing with Sofia the previous day knew we were to go out. But i didn't know they were going THAT early, at 1 o'clock. Okay, maybe it just seemed early cuz I was only awake for 30 minutes of the day.

So I bade my goodbye's to Pawan and Ariff. Pawan leaving for add maths tuition.. (already?!) and Ariff, I'd be seeing him later at Pyramid. Hastily, rushing to Razlan's house, deck in hand, I ring his doorbell. There's this bespectacled chinese dude talking to his mom inside, neighbour perhaps. Razlan's mom opens the gate for me, i walk to the door across the porch. Suddenly guy starts being friendly with me.. saying something to me which at the moment i found inaudible and started ruffling my hair! I return it with a quizzical smile, and a bow (?) and i greeted Razlan's mom and went inside. Raz came down shortly, and already dressed. He, thinking I was supposedly ready too, saw me, still sweaty and smelly.

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"Pyramid, doncha know?" He replies.


"Really now? Fir said you knew."

Pfft, of course i knew. Just not the time!

So I rush home, to get ready to go. Razlan was leaving in 5 minutes, and I have to honestly say; Damn myself for relying too much on Razlan for transportation.
It took me about 20 minutes to get ready. When I was finally out the door, I gave a ring to Raz in hopes he would still give me a ride. After all, he could fetch Firdaus from all the way in USJ9, why not me who's practically his neighbour!

Alas, he being the
good friend he is, damned me to using public transportation. So with no other choice I head east from my home, towards Summit's Bus Station. Some way along the way, Ariff calls me! offers me a ride! Yeay! My fats are saved! So I hop into his Volvo and we're off to Sunway Pyramids!

.....At Pyramid......

Me and Ariff stepped through the new wing's entrance threshold, greeted by the wafting aroma of coffee beans from Starbucks. Gave Sofia a ring asking her to meet us at J.Co's Doughnuts.. cuz it just seemed right. The line was long as usual, but not as straight as I usually saw it. Sofia came along in a few minutes. A few steps in the direction of the old wing, we bumped into Sue Anne. Had a chat, complimented each other, then we went out separate ways. Us to meet Raz and Fir, she to meet Fatin Raziman. Sofia said Raz and Fir were at The Chicken Rice Shop, so we headed there. We met up in time to see empty plates and vacant expressions on both of their faces.

After the main party finally got together, we started our say routine of pyramid; Walk about, indecisive of a destination, walk a bit more. Stop, stand in a somewhat circle, and talk of where to go. I was hungry, and not wanting to sit down and eat right after Razlan and Fir just had their meal, I decided to just stop by that Wrapz and get one. Wait, or was it Flip? Ahh I remember, their current name was Hot & Roll. Ariff got one for himself too.

Soon, the 5 of us head over to the cinema because Qasseim, Afiq and his so-called girlfriend were there. We bunched up together after rendezvousing with them and talked. Some of us wanting to watch a movie , some wanting to just hang out. Anyway, one of the girls with Afiq were rather plump, and when she walked through the ticketing check, the worker who was following her with his gaze said "Gila Kentang!"

In the end we did the latter and separated once more.

We went arcading. A few races and a few lives and money were wasted there.

Soon, we headed for the bowling alley, cuz we haven't bowled in ages. But on the way, where Anime Tech used to be, now stood a new lot. An Archery gallery! So we all just diverted gaze from boring old bowling and went for archery. All together, 5 people = RM 65. Not bad actually.

Sof with an arrow thru her head.

Fir looking like a Sagittarius

Your BabyFace cupid.

Ariff, the one with the best eyes.

Every 10 minutes or so, the workers would suddenly blow a whistle! "Phreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!" Fir terkejut when they did that most of the time.

After we finished, arms aching and all.. we just decided to check out the bowling alley. Whaddya know? there's a tournament. So we couldn't go bowling anyway. So anyway, after that we met up with Afiq, Qasseim and their three friends at..... J'Co.s Doughnuts. Hmm... maybe that's why it's so laku... seemed like a good place for friends to meet up. They were of course, very quick to get there.. so I had the gang walking around that area of pyramid lookinf for a nice comfortable couch. We ended up just sitting down at a shoe shop. Finally they reach, we head down. We meet up with them with pleasant smiles. Then Fir went and waved the little kiddies taking the choo choo train ride in the Blue Atrium. One girl even waved back!

We meet up, say out goodbye's to Afiq's girlfriends, then debate for a place to get a drink. McD's or A&W. After a 17 minute long debate. We decided McD's. After getting to McD's the line were just an eyesore! Hence, A&W it is. The only thing i eat at A&W were their waffles and unfortunately, they were all out. So all I had was a rootbeer float.

After some cold beer down our throats, we went shopping for clothes cuz fir and Afiq both were looking to update their wardrobe. We went to
Extreme where Afiq bouught 2 shirts for Rm50. But around the time he was selecting those shirts.. what did the rest of us do????

Well me and ariff went into a fitting room together. Ariff took of his shirt and started flexing his
muscles in the mirror,


Fir came into the fitting room with a "

Ariff yelped and held his shirt to his chest like a girl caught taking a shower! LoL xD

Then.. yeah, what else was there to do but....

Afiq got his shirts picked out soon after that incident. Then we headed to
SUB for Fir's shirt. It was a bundle sale, just like afiq's shirt. 50% off. Sofia helped him pick out some shirts while Ariff, Afiq, Razlan, and I just sat on a banch opposite the store cuz for some unknown reason.... the place just smelled like.. Vomit mixed with Butter Popcorn. Yucko!

After that, Afiq and Ariff detached from us to head home. Then it was just the four of us left. We then just wandered around. We went into Padini Concept Store to look for more clothes for Fir. Some decent stuff there, but none to Fir's liking. And I myself was reluctant to stay there for long. I'll tell you why.

I bought the shirt I was wearing, there, that's why.

Thus we exit, and wander aimlessly for more clothing stores. Next we found ourselves in Billabong. Seems small from the outside. but once you step inside, its pretty big. Fir bought a kid's shirt which could fit him there for Rm10! Then we wandered deeper in, and found a sunglasses stand!



Then we delve deeper into the store, and found this cute little place painted nice and bright. It was a TV room for kids! Never seeing such a place before, we all start to get hyper.. and watch Tom and Jerry!

So after the show got boring, we left the store. Fir joyful with his kiddy shirt. It was a nice shirt mind you. Alas, it was Sofia's time to go. So it was just us 3 now.

We headed to Bread Story cuz I wanted a bun to munch.

"Jug Jug Juggly Juggly Jug Jug~"

After getting my buns, we scouted for a place to sit.. and who do we bump into... but Sue Anne! She seemed pretty pityful. Walking all alone in pyramid bieng ditched by her boy... holding pantyhose which which she mistakenly bought two sizes too small. We sit down together, drink her drink together. Then she had to meet her daddy at.. J.Co's! So we decide.. it's running late. So lets just teman her to there and heade home ourselves. Thus we did. Took a T523 rapid kl to summit. Silence followed the rest of the journey home.


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