Sunday, December 16, 2007

Clothes, Computers and Doughnuts!

Hello again.

Okay, so as you well know, it's December. The festive season where people shop till they drop because of rock bottom discounts. And by people i mean my family.

So today, was a not so routine day. My momma, ajak pergi shopping at Pyramid.. which has NEVER happened before. So here I am on a cozy warm Sunday afternoon wrapped up in my blankets. I've somehow become nocturnal over these past few weeks. So now i spring right outta bed to make history: Go to Sunway Pyramid with my family!

*brush brush brush*

*scrub scrub scrub*

A short shower and we were off!

Our goal of the day, was actually to purchase a new handbag for mommy dearest. But like almost all spontaneous plans my family makes... they never happen.

Oh, and guess what? Mr. Lion Head had a facial today.

So we went browsing for a new computer instead! My last computer which I had for...... 6 years or so, went Kuh-Pooph! in that recent freak thunderstorm. So it was high time we bought a new one :D

After negotiating discounts and what not, we decide, hmm.. maybe there are other better deals elsewhere. So we beredar from Harvey Normans tech centre and go look the previously mentioned handbag. But instead, we stop on the way at Padini Concept Store. There.. bahh. I didn't shopping with family could be that much fun... cuz when i was a kid.. all I did was laze around at home.. But now! i realized the best part of it.. everythings free! So yeah.. my fingers started to itch in temptation and i startede grabbing stuff off the rack. Miraculous thing was.. ALL the workers were REALLY friendly! And you know me, go into a changing room.. what I like to do... Big mirror.. camera at the ready..
When camwhorin' goes wrong.

So after all that, my sisters tumy went rather rumbly.. so we headed for.. the all famous J.CO's Donuts!
If you didn't realize, the logo is of a Peacock.

Seriously man, I mean before today I have never tasted them and had noooooo idea what all the craze was about.. I mean, check out the line! Was it worth THAT wait??

Curiosity killed the cat.. But not humans. So me and my sis joined the line!

Of course, the authorities want their share of donuts!

Hmm, i wonder what was on the menu??

Somehow, J.Co's logo just seems to greatly resemble starbucks to me. And Seeing that much of a line, really made me wonder.. how were things at old Dunkin' D's with this place hogging the crowd?

Completely and Utterly Deserted!

So after buying a dozen donuts for about 20 bucks, we headed home. With no handbag.. and as for the PC, we thought other palces ahd better deals.

As of which we realized soon after arriving home, we were wrong. So lepak lepak at home for a few mins.. then we were off to pyramid again!

On the way, the road opposide the lioneahead.. something out of the ordinary happened.. This stupid truck with a cargo of bunch of plastic bags filled with god knows what.. started to dump its cargo all over the road!

Truck with plastic bags.

With all these foreign bags scattered all over the road.. cars started to swish and slam the brakes. Including mine!

So when we arrived, we bought the PC. The guy had to configure some stuff, which took about 2 hours. So what to do? ronda around.. look for any nice things..

Then we ate.. Proper food this time! No more donuts for me.. I needed savoury!

After eating.. it was pretty much 10 o'clock. Closing time for everything. PC not done yet, so me and my sis went walking around Harvey Normans Furniture Dept. Pretty interesting stuff. But phewh.. I'm still not cut out for this stuff.. so what happened?

Soon after, the comps done. We pack up and go. And the day ends.. with a big wound to my mom's wallet xD


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