Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Night, Dairys..

First Comes Cow

Then comes Me.

Well what happened today. Pretty much gory and disgusting.

Don't be watching the vids that i posted for this post if you have a soft spot for cows and/or have a weak stomach.

I headed to the mosque with Razlan. We headed to Pawan's house so wecould walk together.. and as I somehow expected, he was completely oblivious that today was even Hari Raya. We were running late, and seeing that Pawan wasn't even ready, we left him.

After the prayers, we headed to the clearing behind the Mosque. There were about 13 cows and 1 sheep tied up to a tree. All soon to meet their fate.

So well there really wasn't much to say. Me, Pawan, Ariff, and Afiq just stood there while the bigger men were at work. . Razlan went home early to leave for penang. At some point I accidently stepped on cow droppings. So anyway, As they were trying to tie up the poor cow, this happened:

Well soon after they did succesfuly tie the cow down. When it was time, we gathered around.. too see the slaughter. Yeah, the cow didn't put up a fight... it was as if he knew what was coming and accepted it whole heartedly. Its okay for the cows who get slaughtered today. It's the muslims belief that they go to heaven. Then it was time. Good night Mr.Cow.

Pretty sad looking at him none the less. So after then, the day was hot, so we decided to lepak at Ariff's house. A few hours go by, then I go home. Well. pretty much nothing else to the day. Oh, and I watched How To Eat Fried Worms. A some what gross ending to a revolting day.

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