Friday, December 7, 2007

Sayonara South, Hello North....

It's the time of the year,
Bags gets crammed in the cars rear,
With family whom we hold dear,
We travel both far and near.

As for me, dismally it was near. My supposed to be sch
nazzy trip to Australia got canceled. Which totally sucks a whole lot! And to my dismay, it was too late to book any other overseas vacations..

So guess what? My family and I had a sorta err..
consolation trip? Instead of heading down under.. we headed upwards. North. To Perak. Kampung. And Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.


That would be the last exclamation to leave my lips.

I figured since aussie was canceled, better if i just excused myself from the family and be where I needed to be. Band Camp. But after much begging from my dear old folks I decided that i should just go with family since it was too late to re-register for the camp..

Monday morning came, as I sluggishly got outt
a bed. Judging by hustle and bustle of noise come from the other side of my bedroom door, everyone was busy loading stuff into the cars trunk and we were to depart about 30 minutes thereafter.

Being the punctual person I am, I finally started packing. So when all was done our departure time of 7.30 was... postponed about 2 hours or so. After some breakfast at Sri Melur, we embarked for our journey north.

The journey on the highway was as predictable as
ever. Some humour. Endless chatter. Followed by stuffing our faces with chips. Then maybe daddy decides to kutuk other drivers. Then some lecturing from mommy. And yes, lets not and doing what teens do best! Sleep.


At kampung, we stayed at my uncle's place. My blood seemed to be a delicacy there. Sleep was always very restless. That annoying flutter of wings, the endless scratching, and the barbaric pleasure of crushing a mosquito with a nice slap. There were some plus's though. I enjoyed the rural panorama.

So aside from visiting some relatives, i had absolute
ly nothing of interest to do. The feeling of just being wasting your life away overwhelmed me. All I did those two days were eat, sleep, eat some more when I can't sleep. Sleep a few extra hours when there's no food. And when both seems impossible, watch TV9's Blue's Clues which was translated to malay. Uber FuN! The food there was rather good though..


Come Wednesday, time was ripe for us to leave kampung and head to Bukit Merah. The journey was rather short. We checked in. And guess what? A blow to my high hopes.. the hotel room didn't even have a carpet! And the tv didn't have a remote control! How's a guys supposed to enjoy his va
cation if he has to get out being comfortably tucked under the covers and walk ALL the way to the telly just to change the channel?!?! On top of that, the tap actually made moaning sounds when you turn them on. Freeeeaky. And last but not least.. there wasn't even a BATHTUB! what hotel doesnt even have a bathtub?! instead they had this dumb shower which made noises like a runaway steamtrain!

So anyway, we booked two rooms. the parentals in one. me and my sisters in the other. And guess what? The hotel manager seemed to be under the impression.. that by putting a tv, a bed, a table, some chairs, a bathroom, a cupboard and some cheap wall hanging decoration in an empty room is enough for a hotel room. DEFINITELY NOT!!

But in truth it wasn't THAT bad. I mean, the bumper car ride was fun. I love bumper cars! As a kid only got to ride as a passanger and my daddy had to drive since i cudn't reach the pedals :(

Oho! but not now. Its been 7 years since then and now I'm all long and lean! You shud've seen me bumping away! owh yeah, there were like these 2 perv brothers. I overheard them whispering to each other before the bumping session began, they sed "Weyh, langgar awek!". And they were referring to my sisters. The nerve! Throughout the time we were bumping away
, the 2 bro's sengaja aim to langgar my sis. Hehehe! what the perv bros didnt know the aweks had a lil brother in the court. Hehehehe. how I thrashed them! even sent one of them, the older bro's head into the steering wheel!

well ok, maybe I'm exxagerating a leeeeetle bit. but i did send his car flying abit.

That night's dinner consisted of some juice, and instant noodles... perisa itik. yeah.. instant noodles.. never fills ur tummy. Sleep was just as restless as it was back in kampung. Only diff was goodbye mosquitoes! hello stuffy nose! i was snorting and sniffing ALL night. the hotel sheets were too dusty! While waiting for my mind to tire out.. I did a lil light reading. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II was the title of the book. great book i'd say. nice for before bed reading. One, more for the girls though.

The next day, according to our holiday package, was Wet Park day. Morning showers were made somehow more pleasant because thankfully there was warm water for the shower-- something I don't have at home. The parentals took awhile took get ready, so i was the first to be ready. So I decided to h
ave some fun and amuse my sisters a little. What comes into your mind when these items are put together?

  1. Me
  2. A tight swimming shirt
  3. underwear folded to resemble balls
Ahh, enough with these guessing games.. I'll just show you! brace yourself!

Don't I just look hawt with my instant implants?

So anyway, we went to the pier first since the waterpark wasn't open till later. Of course, I had a breast reduction before exiting the room! We were fascinated by the ducks waddling around in the water. So fluffy and cute lookin'!

Soon after we went to the waterpark. They had this fun ride where you had to climb a big bouncy dome with the aid of a rope. The hard part was water was kept flowing against me and the dome.. was well bouncy! so it's hard to get good footing.

The rest of the rides weren't exactly as fun. The long 100m water slide was an exception. slide from the top. become superfast. plunge into the water below. The other mentionable water ride was this big halfpipe. For those of you who don't know what halfpipes are.. its.. sort of self explanatory. a half of a pipe. looks like a U. so anyway, what happened on the ride was ur supposed to go down from the top of one side of the U. then, go up the other. then back down, then back up the other. like swinging about.. kinda like what a vert skater does.

And that was about the most exciting rides in the waterpark. So I left with an expression of awe... amazed... at the lack of entertainment! So later on that night, we went to tesco taiping, to shop for some dinner supplies. We ate dinner there too. I bought 1901's Deustch something banger. tak kenyang langsung. I advice you guys to NOT buy 1901 hotdogs. not worth it. Go local! I ordered nasi ayam with lemon sauce. It was Scrumptious! you guys should really try it some day. and it only costs 50cents below 5bucks. cheaper that that good for nothing 1901 hotdog! We went back to our rooms afterwards and with that.. the day concluded.

Keesokan harinya, we went for the next thing on the package itinerary, a cruise to Orang Utan island, where on it, there's this orangutan reasearch and breeding facility. The orangutans seemed kinda cute. furry lil people. There was this infant who was still suckling on a bottle!

Next up on the tour were visits to the grown up males, followed by the adolescence's and kids.

The leader of the gang. the alpha male orangutan.. he's pretty obvious. e's got puffy cheeks which.. i was told, is a major turn on to the ladies.

The adolecence ones were real active! showing off at the slightest chance!

Owh yeah!! One freakily disgusting thing about these orangutans is.. i saw one of them piss. yes, just like that he answered nature's call in front of us visitors. But that wasn't the gross part. after he finished.. he started lapping it back up!! Sucking his pee back! Thats not all! His buddy over and joined in the pee sucking. you could even hear their sucking sound. It was like some weird Orangutan tea party pee party.

Then there were the kids. Who were real cheeky! A seasoned camwhorer im sure! One of them kept making faces. Then he went to a female and kissed her and gave her a hug!


We left the orangutan isle after that. And were to visit the Eco Park next. No idea what it really is. Because my family skipped it xD

Instead, we went on this thing called the sky cycle. It's sorta like a monorail. But you manually paddle with ur hands! great work out trust me.. it felt like somebody replaced my arms with jelly after that.

Me and my sisters went for one last bumper car ride.

But before that, I took pictures with a snake! a real one!

Me and Jim

It was real nice to touch. really smooth. His name was Jim. he managed to lick my shirt there. The rest of my family.. sorry to say were sort of weeners when it comes to snakes.. my sis was squealing the whole time the keeper put Jim on her neck. And my Mom actually sort of freaked out and threw poor ol' Jimmy back at the keeper! tsk tsk tsk..

So after all was done, the five of us checked out and headed home.

Owh yea, i think if i wrote this for an exam essay, it probably well deserves an ! doncha think??

Happy holidays to you guys and merry christmas!

-The End-

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