Monday, October 15, 2007


Ketupats are leaves folded and tucked together in a way where it becomes likea pillow, where u stuff rice inside. When you cook these, it makes pulut. Which tastes great!

It's was raya, the 2 days of puasa preceding raya were like.. the longest days of my life.. so what did i do to pass the time at kampung? anyam Ketupat! I mean, cmon, its gotta be cool rite? how many 15 year old guys know how to anyam ketupat??

Pretty easy really, for someone like me who luvs the ancient of paper folding, origami.

Although this has nothing to do with paper, but rather, leaves. Its still art of folding or tucking.

Presenting! My first ketupat ever!

Followed by Three more!

The final bunch!

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