Friday, October 31, 2008


Alright so it's the 31st of October. Yippee much? Not really. Well of course a nice little break from exams because of Dheepavali is fun and all, but the prospect of sitting for one final week of exam right after that totally spoils it all. But oh well, forget the future, what's to do at present?

Well the morning, I spent basking in my room with my so called freshly repaired air conditioner. It works from time to time, sometimes cold, most times, it just expells
hot air that smells like urine. Looks like I need to call the technician back.

Anyway, since it's halloween, so after sembahyang jumaat Tubbs, John and I went to Sunway Pyramid to get some lunch, and Halloween shopping on the side.

So after a tiresome walk all the way to Summit's bus stop from home, we took a rapid KL to pyramid and gout ourselves snack plates from KFC.

*But before that, we took a pit stop at
Padang Bukit for a little break. Well rather, more of a little tryout. Having just watched High School Musical III the previous night (Yeah, I'm not a fan, just watched it for the sake of it) with John Razlan and Lesley, Tubbs and I were eager to try out this thing we saw on it:

First Attempt

Failed Attempt

Tired out and time to call it quits

Then we went upstairs to
Lala Avenue, wait, I mean Asian Avenue to check out this costume shop Razlan was telling us about.

So there were some pretty neat stuff in there. I wanted to go trick or treating tonight. The shop was pretty neat, it's got stuff like masqeurade masks, fake limbs, fake shit, and whatever else like egyptian mummy costumes.

So well while we were trying out the afro wigs, Abu suddenly came up with his friend. Looks like we weren't the only ones shopping for halloween. So here's somemore vids:

Tubbs and John in Afros

A friendly handshake (yeah, I know it's gila obvious)

Abu with the arm


And for today's random vid, here watch this.

Best Man Fail


Log Throwing Fail

Well anwyay, today's just a short post.
So till next time!

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