Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Day In A Tux

Nov 8th 2008.

That's the date we've been working so hard to make a success. For what? The Charity Movie Drive!
Organized by:

The Rotaract Club of Bandar Sunway


Interact Club of SMK Seafield.

So what's a move drive? Summing it up, we bought a movie theater box specifically TGV cinema's Box 5, we sold the tickets for a movie, namingly James Bond 007:Quantum of Solace at a higher price. Profits earned were given to charity, in our case, The National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

So this is how my day started. After being awoken several times, by the increasingly annoying alarm from my phone, i decided to stop snoozing and to get up. Looking around hey there's a big face in front of me. Is this a dream??


It's just Choong Hou.

Oh yeah, I went for a sleepover at Shiva's place

Sitting up and looking around, Shiva was gone from his bed. But Pravin, Razlan, Rayvin and obviously for Choong Hou, were still asleep. Well, it wasn't surprising. We were tired out from yesterday with all the rolling about, tolerating Pravin, video gaming, onlining, eating and raping.

So anyway, the movie drive starts at 10:30am. But crew people were to be there at 9. It's 7.30am.... no rush.


Heading back home, turns out 1 hour was just enough time to get suited up into a tuxedo and leave for Pyramid. I carpooled with Razlan. So in his car were him and his dad up front, Joanne, John, Pravin and I stuffed in the back. We felt kinda bad for ditching Choong Hou, he was supposed to ride with us too. But he was bringing the mockcheck, and there was noooo way he would be able to fit in the back of Razlan's Merce.

At 10 past 9 the five of us unloaded at the lionhead entrance of Pyramid and went through the side door, since the slides didn't weren't switched on this early in the morning, and headed off to the cinema.

There, phewh! Everybody was looking so spiffy! All the guys in tux. Some with a bowtie, some with just ties. And the girls all in dresses. Got any idea what image we're going for? Wel, if you don't got a firm grip on the obvious, its Bond and the Bond girl.

The event was about to start, so Shaun, the event planner, ordered Wei Mund to assign the ushers to their posts. I got teamed up with JunYi and we were posted on the top of the escalators. So being ushers.. what's best sentence of the day?? "Good Morning, welcome to our movie drive =)."

The event actually started without us, since we were busy greeting those who were just a knack off punctual. In that time, Shaun gave his speech, Jenn and Zen Wei mc'd the intros. And rotarian Dieter gave his speech as well, and some media photography for the mockcheck. Then the clock struck 10:30 so it was time to head into the box and watch the movie!


Well the movie wasn't that great. I still like it better when Pierce Brosnan plays with nifty gadgets with Halle Berry.

Rushing out from the cinema, first stop was: The Men's Room!

Oh yeah.

That was the cream of the crop I'm telling you. After stepping out from my cubicle, I found out I was joined by the Rotarians. Even Dieter was there. And a whole lot of the interacts and the Movie drive goers. Then when we went outside, some clown came along and started giving us green balloons. He gave alot to us. So we did alot of this:

And if you were wearing a tux, don't tell me you wouldn't wanna take some pics in it right?

The crew that made it all happen

"Mr. Bond's"

"Bond's Girls"

ZenWei, John, me, a bit of KenYoong, Leonie, Razlan

Tira then me

This time there's Jen and LuQuan

Creep in the middle

Jen again!

Don't know what got into me, here.

Tiramisu and me again.



After that, most of us left for home.
Tuition, piano class, cerfew, tired.
So those who didn't have any of that, well those who were left were John, Pravin, Wei Mund, May Qin, Siew Man, Xhee Kee, Razlan, Ken Yoong, Zen Wei, Rayvin, Li Jian and I. Then the SU interact dudes came over and joined up with us. There was Dheepan, Martin, Andy, and this dude who looks alot like Kok Fei. So the bunch of us went walking around looking for ap lace to grab some lunch!

We walked around practically the whole mall looking for a place to eat and man, did we turn heads. It's not everyday you see teens dressed up in dresses and tuxs walking about a shopping mall.

We found ourselves in the Marakesh after awhile of walking. Then we went into Kenny Rogers and asked for a seating arrangement of 13. They couldn't provide it. So we just left.

So we decided to split up to two groups. Half of us went to Carl's Jr. and the rest went to Fig & Olive. I went to the fig. Well, it took awhile to arrange the tables for six people, so we took a stroll outside at the balcony. It actually had some spectacular sights. A whole full view of sunway lagoon! The only drawback was it was bloody hot!

The worker got the tables ready by the time we got back in. Suddenly Pravin had to go back cause he was tired too, so he went back with John and May Qin. So we ordered and just borak borak inside. Xhee Kee ordered this burger, which she DIDN'T finish and threw away the olives. Then we donated some money to a deaf and mute person and she gave us this butterfly keychain carved from wood. Sometime during then, Li Jian ditched us and went somewhere with his other friends. Then Siew man pulak ditched us, to follow Je Yue and Keith. After we were done eating, we went to rendevous with the rest and Carl's jr. and whaddya know, Siew Man was there. Turns out the ditcher got Ditched.

Anyway, after we were done there, since like tak tau nak buat apa, and going home didn't seem too appealing.. we just roamed about. Till the idea to go play some archery came up. So off to the top floor it was. At the archery 8 of us played.

Heh, and here's something fun to do if you ever go there.

See that arrow dangling from number 7? I shot the camera. Look at the monitor, my camera is turned up too high because of that. The abang pekerja came over and marah me because I did that. And I said "Sorry bang, first time main, tak brape tererr lagi."

Yeah I could've escaped with that excuse once, but..

I couldn't resist. So I shot it again.

Later, we just hung about. Loitering around the mall. Coming across to Lala Avenue, we visited a little favourite, the Halloween shop! Well, if you saw us with the hat's and accessories, you'd think we looked like kids who got lost on their way to IU day and ended up celebrating halloween!

The coolest item on display in my opinion, was this Green Flamed Lighter. Looked really cool.

That's Razlan giving a demonstration

There were also stuff like this electric orb that led the currents to our hand wif u touched it, but you wouldn't feel no surge. So anyway we split up abit from then. Wei Mund, Junyi, and Rayvin went to the tech centre to buy some headphones while the rest of us went to those arcade dancing machines. Siew Man and Xhee Kee apparently needed to head home too then.

But well, turns out Xhee Kee's sister wanted to go to the gym or something? So they came back. Dheepan and Martin had a round of dancing on the machine, then it was my turn~

It's SiewMan versus Me.

Then we went to Yogur Berry, because Xhee Kee and SiewMan were craving desserts. Along the way, some of noticed there was a little chemistry between one of the Seafield Interacters and one of the SU interacters. I won't say who here =) but those who were there knew who.

So we all pretty much just crashed at Yogur Berry. And I mean literally crashed. The girls just plopped themeselves on the sofa bench to massage their stiletto tortured feet. Us guys could use some cushion underneath or butts too.

It was my first time there, I didn't order anything though, but the smoothies tasted quite refreshing. And I baru found out that Yogur Berry has free toys for customers to play with! So we picked up this UNO stack-o con to play with. And get this, since everybody local touched it, there were loads of phone numbers scribbled all over them!

So what did we do? Martin picked up his cellphone and started dialling one of them.

We ended up pranking most of the people on the cubes. Then we tried pranking Pravin!

We got bored after awhile and started to tell "Your momma" jokes. Then I told one that made Dheepan literally ROFL.

"Your momma's so fat, when she was floating in the ocean, a whale tried to hump her."

Well the day got a little late after that, so Jun Yi called her dad and we went home at about 6:30pm.

So that's the whole day in a tux. Toodles!

-Azhar Ashraf

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