Sunday, October 5, 2008

Post Raya

Well it's the last day of the Hari Raya AIdilfitri holiday week. And yeah, school is tomorrow which is just the BEST continuation of a weekend isn't it? So how do I decide to finish of the meager remains of a Sunday? Well, my day went like this.

Getting out of bed, perfectly early by my Sunday schedule, I dragged my feet downstairs to a heavy-aired, full-of-rempah-smelling kitchen at 10:30am. Well whaddya know, my parents cooked Nasi Pilau for breakfast. If you dont know what it is, i doubt google or wiki wud help, its a local name. But well, it tastes close to nasi bariyani. Since my mom just only returned back from her four month long trip to Scotland, I guess it's no wonder their so eager to cook extravagantly. So well, I didnt finish what was on my plate -- I mean who would, if you've gotten used to eating sunny-side-ups for breakfast for an entire month because of puasa?

Around 2pm, Tubbs and I got a lift from my sis to Summit. And actually, we also had to go for our interact meeting at McD's in ss15. So why were we there? Because I couldn't let my craving for a Subway MLT go on any longer! If you've watched Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle, you'd understand. At Subway, we walked in, went up to the counter. Then Tubbs said he wasn't hungry. And well, actually neither was I really. So we just sorta turned around.. And left. So abit of an oddity there.
Well to pass the time, and time we needed to let ourselves get hungrier, we went to Popular. I wanted ribbons. Well inside, suddenly some lady springs out at us from nowhere and starts promoting something. Tubbs did the typical malaysian and raised a hand and walked away. I on the other hand, tak sampai hati, so I stop and lend an ear. Not saying I'm all that nice, there's occasions I would just walk off. Like this one time where some lady started promoting something to me... in Mandarin. Yeah, now I'm really interested in your product, cause I absolutely understand you.
So what this lady wanted was to promote this Celcom Xpax thing. a School of Xpax pack.. I think? Well anyway it was this little prepaid sim pack that lasts till you're 25 years old. And it has additional perks like free sms and calls your whole birthday week. It's only For students. So heck, seems like a good deal to me. And it's free to boot. Just 10 bucks for reload credit and you get additional 10 bucks in there. So Tubbs and I both took one. Then I got my ribbons. And we went back down and got our SUBWAYS!! So seeing as we were kinda late after that, since the meeting was supposed to start at 2pm, we got a cab to McD's.

And somewhere in front of SriKL, there was a police road block. For who knows what. And get this, our cab kena tahan. And we had to wait by the side. We had to wait there for like 5 mins till here comes some pot bellied police man inspecting the cab. So here goes the conversation between the cabbie driver and him.

"Ni nak pegi mana ni?"

"Ni ha, nak bawak budak-budak ni makan kat McDonalds. Diorang lapar ni dah dekat Lunch tau."

So this policeman whose wearing shades inspects the car for a while longer. Then lets us leave. Question Mark much?

At McD we rendezvous with the others. Mainly Ken Yoong, Jen, James. We sat ourselves down in a comfy corner. And Tubbs and I started to devour our Subway MLT's! YUMMY. Shortly after, Shiva, Tira and JunYi - Who report to YuanPing that where was some straange pink object lying in the middle of the street outside. Which turns out to be her wallet. And at that she totally went "Omg omg omg omg!" and went out to get it. Padahal Tira already took it in with her. Heheh.

After the meeting James, Jen and Diane leave for home cuz they have PMR while the rest of us hit Subang Parade. There, well, it's not exactly a very lively place to hang out. Perfect for a family and to shop though. So we went to Toys'R'Us! To hunt for some really good waterguns. And not just those average piss-squirting water guns; but the pumpable high pressure guns. Unfortunately, they didnt have it. My part done, We followed Tira to get her moms jeans back from some really hidden altering shop beside MPH. Hey wait, we got the jeans before going to Toys'R'us. After Toys'R'Us we got ditched, sorta, by the rest. I went to get some mouthwatering Famous Amos cookies first, then baru we headed home on a U67 Rapid KL.

We singgah Razlan's place for abit, since it started drizzling. Then we remembered Tira ajak beraya at her house at 4.30. Which was in 5 minutes. And that we also had an other open house to go to with Azim. but then, we were late for Azim's friend's, so we cancelled and went to Tira's instead.

When Tubbs and I entered Tira's house she was entertaining Shiva to this movie on her lappy called
Another Cinderella Movie. ????. Then the others arrived one by one. Emirul, Syahira, and soon Adli with Aiman. We all ate kuih muihs and had a drink's of Sparkling grape juice.

Basically it went like this:

And if you didn't get the message, we were tryna act like we got high and drunk on them. Cuz coincidentially Tira served it in shot glasses. And I repeat, it was sparkling grape juice. ZERO % alcohol. I don't drink, and neither do I smoke.

So well the day was getting late. And not forgetting SCHOOL the next day. So we had to leave, well Tira halau'd us actually.

So guys,

till next time!

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