Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Okay so it's a tuesday. School was, as yesterday, as unproductive today since the syllabus is over. But school will be school, theres fun in it if you know how to make it. And as for piano class, that was cancelled today, due to torrential rains brought upon by the monsoon season!

So the events of the day weren't so fun. But hey, it's when the sun went down things got interesting. My friend Aizad, whose Mom who has a friend, happened to get free tickets to this Orchestra thing in Mount Kiara. Having not been to an orchestra before, what the heck lets go for it!

So at 6.30pm I headed off to Aizad's place since Fariz, Yin Hun and I were all carpooling there to Mount Kiara with his parents. We were actually still early. The thing started at 8.30pm, so the four of us had time to try out
Little Big Planet BETA for the PS3. It's an awesome simple game. But its totally cool. YouTube it to know what it is. So anyway later we headed off for the Orchestra.

We got there just on time. 8.30pm sharp. Just as people were crowding around the entrance to the auditorium. We took a side detour and snatched up some agenda books on a side table.

It was free seating, so we managed to get decent seats. And man, if you were there, you'd want decent seats. Cause German schoolgirls are HOT! Well maybe not all, but the musician kinds sure are! Most of the orchestra members were girls. There were only about 4 guys or so. And according to the speech the German Embassador gave, they were all ranging from 14 years old to 21 years. So basically their all in high school. Sweet!

While waiting for the event to start, opening up the agenda book, I found out the event's name was Liederaband.

And the pieces being performed were from famous composers such as Mozart and Bach.

And the full orchestra was fully German. Except for one asian girl, but maybe she's German too. The maestro on stage was Malaysian though. A short stocky chinese dudes who was VERY energetic. But hey, don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

The first half of the event, they were performing pieces from the baroque period, which was quite boring -

But after the intermission, things got Way better. -

and here's a scene from the intermission. Just some random video I was taking when 2 girls from the orchestra, the 2 recordists came out of the side door. And Fariz really liked one of them, so I couldn't resist taping them. And I also got Aizad's blur face in there too.

Okay so here's a 3rd video, I posted this up because it was really cool how the all of them plucked the violin, viola and the cello throughout the whole song, even the HUGE double bass!

And don't think the thing was so short, I only uploaded 3 vids. But there were 25 in total. Yeah, I taped the whole thing... So it ended at midnight and to me, was really worth it. Espcially since we got it free!

Okay so when it was finally over, it made us all feel like taking up a classical instrument. As for me, I got my eyes set on the cello!

Okay something stupid and random here, but anyway.. see these chairs?? The two German recordists in my second video sat here! Foolamak!

-Ashraf J.

Owh yea, while I was posting this I came across a really cool vid. Which makes me feel like resuming skate. Hmm, we'll see about that.

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