Saturday, April 25, 2009

Footprints on the Moon

Today, I was blog hopping.
From friend to friend.
From friend to aquaintence.
From aquaintances to the random.

Through all that, like I've stated in my previous post, that alot of blogs are actually just empty. Just meaningless meager rants. All circulating about superficial stuff. I admit, my blog falls under that category too.

One by one, I read their posts, left a comment on the celebrated tagbox, and exed the tab.

Till I reached the end of the line.

Here I sat, On a green plastic chair, topless, unshowered at 3pm out of laziness that comes on weekends. Mind you, I don't make it a habit to remain unshowered. And My mood a little bubbly, without a care in the world, but if any, it would be my tummy's cries for something to digest.

Then as I read the post on my friends blog, emotion changed. Hunger disappeared, the annoyance for the heat of my room vanished and the earphones blugged into my ears seemed to cease funtioning. I just felt numb.

There in front of me, lay the layout of an old friends blog. There was one post, it was a birthday wish post. But not like any others you've seen on alot of youths' blogs, no.

The first 3 words of the birthday wish post were

"In Loving Memory"

Do you get what I'm getting at?

The birthday girl, passed away the previous year.
I knew not who she is, but somehow the full reality of it bothers me.

Before I get ahead of myself, Give this a thought:
We're living in the 21st century; technology's abundant.
People seem to even complain that broadband connections like Streamyx is too damn slow.

So we've reached that point in time.
So how many of you DON'T have an online profile?
Let it be Facebook, Twitter, Friendster or Myspace,
where I'm from, if you have access to internet, you have one.
And where I'm from, almost everyone has internet.

So now, if you're wondering what feeling came over me, imagine the scenario above. But lets use a little imagination. I would prefer to divert away from the late birthday girl, since I don't know her and I'm afraid I might offend others.

But think, every one of you obviously has an inner circle. A group of friends you hold dear.
But what if this happens: what if one of them,

Nobody can predict when we're meant to leave this world.
In the event that happens, those who remain, of course would suffer loss.

Then again, would the one who left us, really leave us?
What they left behind:
blogs, facebook, friendster, myspace.

Can you imagine how weird it is to view them once their gone?

The words on the walls, the comments on photos, the imprint of their personality and the rants on their blogs sticks there forever in cyberspace.

They would still sound so alive. As if they just posted that comment yesterday. As if that "What's on your mind" was just "posted 17 minutes ago".

How can those who are in denial truly move on, if once visited, the words their friends or familys on blogs and the rest, given life, sound as if they were right there on the other end of the net, on somebody elses computer. When in truth, "Alam Barzhah", Heaven and Hell, don't have internet.

Their disconnected.

So I'm wondering, how would you go about this?
Would you prefer the to ease the suffering and sorrow of loved ones, by terminating every one of your ties, deleting every softcopy of you on the net,
or to leave them there for all eternity?

You call the shots, it's like leaving behind a will.

So how many people know your username and password?
Even if everyone knows how to access your account, doesn't mean they'll delete it.
Deleting it, in their concscience would be an offense to your memory.
Like throwing away a late loved ones diary.

Honestly, truth be told, even I don't know what I'm getting at.
It just got me thinking, and I felt that I somehow needed to get you guys something different to think about.

Like batteries, my initials are AA.
like batteries, I've run dry.
I'll be seeing you.

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Anonymous said...

you are right. that's scary actually.