Friday, April 3, 2009

The Cam Expo

Well, around the end of March, my enthusiasm for photography has really peaked. I lug around my EOS practically everywhere I go, untill my some of my friends get annoyed because they're always getting a lens pointed at them. As for the others who don't get annoyed, they're mostly camwhorers, so someone actually wanting to take a picture of them besides themselves... is a good thing!

Anyway, I only recently bought my first magazine. Hmm, okay well thats debatable, since Seafield's Minda and Tunas Sains that I used to buy in primary school were also magazines. Okay well, my first mag from a shop! So it's a Photography Magazine (Big surprise there..) called Digital Camera Magazine. It's affordable.. compared to the others on the rack. That's why I bought it. And so, upon flipping a page in February's issue, I came across this poster.

 So yeah, a noobie photographer like me, tends to get a little jakun. So I couldn't wait. Wanted to go so badly. What do I do? Well, my immediate friends aren't really into this photography stuff. So an alternative, I immediately started texting all the phoggy club people!

Annoying thing is, couldn't anybody give a straight answer? The guys, they're fine. THey just reply : "aku low on cash ah". That's fine, getting a no doesn't feel awesome, but it beats being left hanging. Like all the girls I ajak.
All the words being replied by them, can be cut short into two words, which I never knew could be so frustrating.

"See first"

It gives you this hope, and at the same time, it gives you this sense of insecurity since it's not confirmed.

Girls. Troublesome.

In the end, come saturday, everyone bailed out on me. So here I was worked up to go, and with nobody to go with.  


IKEA's meatballs are awesome!


I did go eventually, thanks to WeiMunds willingness and curiousity to experience public transports. It was just the two of us. And the experience of public transport, on the way to Midvalley, nice. on the way back, SUCKS. Malaysians have NO MERCY when tryna squeeze into an already overpacked KTM. 

And my opinion of the DCM show: Disappointing.
The so called "models" stationed at the event for photographing.. well let's just say even my friends in school look prettier.
And I expected to meet some young enthusiasts like myself, but all I met were snobbish fat old balding men with super buffed up cameras. I did meet one familiar face though, Harris. And he's a fellow Canon user too. Yay!

What sucks even more, was that there were Sooo many lenses, cheapest I saw was Rm880. And from there on out, their figures just gained an extra zero. No way is a 17 year old kid like me gonna be able to afford any of that.
Well, at least I have something nice to dream about now.

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