Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How I Seized Last Sunday

"Aza, are you cold?"
"Sejuk ke Aza?"

If you're curious, put yourself in my shoes, (or rather my outfit) last Sunday for SMK Seafield's IU day, and everyone would be asking you the same thing!


as SMK Seafield tradition has it, if it's April, it's time for IU. Always done by 2 clubs. Leo, and Interact. and almost always with utter consistency a week before hari sukan.

So Leo did theirs last Sunday at Summit Grand Ballroom, like last year. Apa cerita Interact punya IU? WELL, I don't know.

The Ticket to Carpé Diem

I got lovely seats again this year, front row seats. thanks to XingSan for booking so early, and also that everyone had the common sense to pay up early. Not that it mattered actually, since the only instances I actually spent at my table were when it was time to eat, and.. er yeah, when it was time to eat, that's all.


So, would you think it's actually a waste of money, If I said that one of the main reasons I attended was just so I could stretch my Ellie's legs?

Ok, lol. That sounds totally wrong and off topic. Hold up, lemme clear things up for ya.
Ellie, is a lens. Spefically, its a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM lens.

Why I named it Ellie? Because it has an L in it? Duhh.. Umhmm, all praise my genuine creativity! Okay well not to brag or anything, I'm just telling you guys this because mainly all the photos I got during IU was seen through her eyes. or glass. whatever. So in which case I guess the metaphore I used earlier is somewhat inapropriate.

So well I mainly came to just have a good time to with friends. IU's these days are beginning to get rather cliché to me. But whn you go with the right people, anything becomes fun. If you would actually bother to refer to my post on The Dawn of Festivals last year, then you'd see that this year there wasn't that much difference. There's always a comically amusing sketch and dances and performances, food, and ultimately, the very anticipated dance floor.

To me, the only big difference this year was, the bands suck this year. I dunno, maybe it wasn't entirely their fault, just that the audience.. well, I dont't know.. GOT UP AND STARTED WALKING AROUND while they were performing made the whole experience.. Un-.. whats the word. Gah, I can't find the right word. Bottom line not many performances caught my attention like last years Privacy.

It could be that, or it could be that, also unlike last year, I wasn't performing this year. ( Not saying I'm that awesome or anything. BUT- I guess the atmosphere just isn't the same. When you know your performing and you're up next, everything seems tense. Last sunday, just seemed.. Loose.

The most Notable bands of the night, that I actually found entertaining, were familiars from last year,

Last Minute.
Consisting of Debbie, KeeWei, ChietChun, HanShen, and ZhenBon

And the form 4 band, Straight4ward I think they called themselves.
I liked their song choice. Good for a party.

And if you're on the slightly melancholic lovey dovey mood. You would've liked Emirul's performance.

The Slit-Eyed Siblings were, I also liked.

They did Estrella's "Stay", which is one of my favs!

Fir and the guys maintained their state of subtlety.



Diverting the attention away from the stage, and back to the audience:

Beginilah Suasana pada hari itu.

Audience played a part in the night too, as did I! I totally was caught of guard when my ticket was called up for the lucky draw.

What did that win me? A coupon for free starbucks. WOOh Pee.

As always, let's not forget the best dressed *cough* (most popular) award. You guys remember who won right?

The birthday girl herself. And Justin. (With her help) ;P

And let us not forget that poledance she threw for us eh?

After what seemed like timeless, and ive probably forgotten the sequence of events by now, the lids were lifted off the containers on the banquet table and food was served. Well, it was self service actually.

You guys better be careful, you'd never know when your candid expression might fall under the gaze of my EOS 400D. Like how it befell Leonie!

Well to cut to the chase, mainly people just come to IU dress up fancy and camwhore with friends. Girls wanna show of some skin while applying an inch thick layer of makeup and guys just want eyecandy. Better keep your eyedrops ready, you'd probably forget to blink.

So, like everyone else, I have my share.
(If you want, visit my facebook to view the full album! Link's to the right! W)

As seen in most of my pics, the ones who made my day were buddyboys like Pawan, Pravin, Firdaus, Ariff, and Azzim Jo. As for girls, banyak sangat lah.. you guys know who you are :D

Oh, and for the guys, I'd think most of them would find the somewhat explicit dance group from USJ13, memorable.

As for the ladies, don't get grossed out or envious or whatever you feel like feeling just yet! The tables turned Oh, too soon.

Meet the Pussy Dolls

Vulgarity is their middle name.
Swinging dick's their game.

Well, Seafieldians being Seafieldians; they loved that stuff.
But what else do they love?


aighte, personally, i'm not that much of a party goer, so I didn't even bother shaking to the beat this time around.

Plus, I had expensive gear that needed my attention.
As for those who DIDN'T or forgot to take care of their belongings after being summoned by the spell of the dancefloor.. tough luck. You guys sure had a harsh ending to the night. Losing stuff like cellphones, purses, iPods, wallets. Don't say they didn't warn you. And it was to be expected. It's IU day, and I sympathize with your loss.

Too bad even bouncers like Paviter won't keep do-badders at bay.

p/s:Thanks to Musa for lending me his flashgun speedlite somepart in the night. Helped my photos alot!

Till something else happens over here;

Azhar Ashraf out!

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