Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cuci Mata

How many of you actually READ blogs? And of most blogs you read, how many actually stand out? I mean, out of perhaps, 10 blogs I visit, only about 3 of them them are actually interesting. It's interesting because it's different. The other seventy percent, their just filled with rants and recaps of their days. Not saying anything's wrong with that, I mean it's a blog, its for freedom of speech and to express youself and to serve as an online journal. But sometimes, It does tend to get a tad Dull. To me, there's no point in frequently updating if the only thing a person is gonna talk about run along the same lines as

 "Hey! Today I went to Sunway Pyramid Mall, with my friends! And like, I had lunch at Kenny Roger's and OMG, they ran out of mac and cheese." 

Not pinpointing to anybody. Just metaphorically saying, it's like filling water into a bucket with a hole. You could try filling it, day in and day out, in the end, it'll just end up empty. Void of any contents. Maybe a few droplets decorating the rims.

Anyway, with that said, I'd say this post is actually just ranting. But it has some highlights, I let you see some old places in a new, different way.

Here goes.


Just like any other friday, I go to the mosque to menunaikan Solat Jumaat, like all muslim men.
But what to do after friday prayers?

Well, after friday prayers, I normally stick to a weekly routine of attending math tuition at etika. but, today, I just felt totally un-up to it. It's not that I malas belajar or anything. It's just that the tuitions a whole chapter behind, and the chapter just happens to be extremely easy. So studying transformations while it's already Matrices in school, I'm not too fond of that.

I actually did plan on going to tuition, but just as I slung my tuition bag over my neck, Emirul gives me a call. He's the Rugby team captain, and he was organizing a barbeque for the team and I was supposed to come too; and no, I don't play rugby, I just shoot for the team occasionaly. So I decided to help out in the preparation.

First up, we needed to get a barbeque set.
Before leaving home, I had to ransack the whole house to look for my glasses that went missing! In the end I couldn't find them, and I felt bad making Emirul wait outside so long, thus, with vision impaired, I got into his car. 

Puteri had a barbeque set, but she only got out from tuition at 3.30pm, so till then, we loitered around Summit. 

Oddly enough, this whole week I aspired to tribute something to my neighbourhood. Specifically, I wanted to take a photo of the regular place I come from, but make it dramatic. So I brought Emirul to this secret place within summit.

First off, here's to ye Seafieldians! Click the image to see the full view, who knows, you just might see Pn. Ung doing her rounds =P

In my opinion, this mamak has the best Mee and Maggi Goreng.

And for those of you who live in Indera Subang, all I can say is, your house looks like a toy from all the way up here.

And for here's one for your parents. (if they use the federal or NPE highway to get to work) You wouldn't think the road they use everyday with constant traffic jams could look like this could you?

My fav shot of the day!


So where exactly were we?

I'll just let your curiousity run loose on how we got up there ;)

p/s: Yeah, lol dudes. For those of you who fell for it, now you know I DIDN'T get Emirul's dad to take us up in a helicopter and fly us over Subang Jaya.

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rekha said...

i can see my condo ! and i live in shah alam o.o