Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March has Doozies.

Well, it's a month closer to D-day. So what would a 17 year old candidate like yours truly do around march? Well, since I somewhat neglected to update my blog, I'll just summarize the bulk of it.

To start it off, on the 5th of March, Leo club of SMK Seafield hosted their auditions at the school hall. I wasn't auditioning, but well, I just bagged my EOS and headed for the school hall anyway. So I'm probably not supposed to say who got the auditions, so you guys would have a surprise when you arrive at Summit on the 12th of April for CarpĂ© Diem. 

Oh yea, I took a pic of one of the dudes auditioning just because he reminded me of Chuck Bass

And I also happened to meet Wei Jean there. Who I found out was a fellow Canon dslr user. She uses the Canon 1000D let's just hope I also found a photography buddy! Anyway, theres a difference. Owning a dslr and buffing it up doesn't make one a  photographer. It depends on whether you know how to create images that your mind's eye sees..  real. The camera's just a tool.

After the auditions, I wandered around the school looking for the most ideal place to shoot my Senior Page photos. Hmm, well, found some. But I won't say it here, just in case anybody wants to steal my ideas. I'm aspiring to make my class' Senior Page unique and most Awesome!
I did also get some shots of the school, have a look:

Okay, this isn't exactly a school shot, I just took it infront of school.. Oh well, what the hell.


Skip some days, next I went for a sleepover at Aizad's house.. again. He has a PS3.. and Resident Evil 5. So why NOT?!
And I got to see Ed again! who's just gila manja.

And upon somewhat "raiding" his fridge, I was curious how the contents of this box would taste.
The front cover said: Broccoli Juice.


Being on the B.O.D. of SMK Seafield's Interact club, it was made compulsory to attend this Charity Futsal event. It was a joint collaboration between us and SMKSU, SMK Bandar Sunway and SMK SS17. So well, it was held in Sports Planet. I'm not really the athlete type person. And I currently play NO sports. Bummer. So well, at least hanging out watching my school eventually bag the grand prize wasn't all that bad.

Here's a shot of Jay Han, one of the Seafield Team players after getting busted in the nuts.

Megat's back pass

Basically I just ended up taking loads of photo's of schoolboys kicking balls through protective netting. Thus, most of them turned out crappy. But those above are the decent few I managed to get. And after futsal action got dull, I focused the lens on other subjects. Such as John and Puteri, and Leonie's oh so charming victory scream face. In the end, Seafield had to go up against the 2nd Seafield Team. So the one that won was the one with Ashween in it. The one who lost, had Lionel in it. But well who cares, we made it to the finals, and it was a good game.
And the smartest idea to be suggested all day. To WALK back to USJ2 from bandar sunway. Gahh!


With the next event up was being MayQin's surprise barbeque birthday, I have completely lost the mood to blog as of 3am this morning. They say a photo speaks a thousand words. Let's use that to my advantage here shall we?

Two Girls One Cup Reaction vid tooken during the party with the birthday girl!

Went to Mydin. It had horses.

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