Monday, February 16, 2009

Crash-up Catchup Marathon!

SO ladies and gentleguys, it's been justa bout 3 months since I bothered posting anything up here.

So here I go for a comeback! New fresh non-customized look for the blog. Easy on the eyes for what could lead up to hours of reading some of you who actually read instead of just scrolling down dull length and checking pics and vids.

Okay but well, since it IS senior year for me this year.. Well, lets just say the measley things done over the past are just faint memories now. I don't even know what to say about them, Here's just a recap of pics, with hope, after captioning them, my memory jogs back to gear!


Followed JunYi to buy her Xbox 360. JUST because she wanted to play Devil May Cry 4.

Went to take a blood test out of fear of suffering juvenile Diabetes. That's the sweet ol' nurse that sucked the blood out; and results came out negative. Phewh!

Somewhere near F&G,
A cactus grows.
If you have a dirty mind, You'll see it.

Tried on this HORRENDOUS shirt at REJECT shop with Pawan and Pravin. Definitely somewhere it belongs.

At Summit, this chinese yoyo thing was kinda fascinating I'd say.

Attended this Haughty Taughty Interact-Rotary confrence at Sunway Hotel. Yeah, looks important right?

Some heavy rain caused Padang Bukit to soak up. What did I do? Play skipping stones. And we're the first to EVER skip stones in USJ2.


On Christmas Eve, I went to pyramid. AND took this picture with the lala pose with random people who came in santa hats and pyjamas. Only 2 were my friends. Those without hats. John and Puteri.

Some other dudes we have no idea whom.

Having some fun with Foam spray!

Chrsitmas day.

Had this interact party christmas thingamabob.

Oh, I watched a movie with my sis' in summit. And we sorta got LOCKED IN.took about 30 mins to get out.

The four of us went to pyramid. And we don't usually go out. Actually, never have we.

Tried on the GUYS stripey stuff at forever 21 (who knew?) with Tira to match.

So.. does this guy section really exist.. or did Tira trick me?

Sometime during this time, my most beloved Nike shoe decided to go doggie on me.

I was introduced to this big fluffy snowball of a cat that belongs to Zen Wei.
How original :D

Got a Fossil watch for pre-new years!

Kena SAMAN by MPSJ for parking in a HOUSING AREA near taipan to get to an Interact meeting.
As seen above, rm80.

Went to TGI with these 4 things.
Tira, Emirul, Yanchi and Eelaine.

Cranberry FIzz beats Icelemon Tea anyday.

Iceskating's fun. You should try it out someday.

Seriously, a camera is the best modern pocket filler next to the handphone. Then again most of the time their the same thing. Anyhu.. here's a vid of yanchi touring me around the ice rink.

My would be Hockey Stop.
Was trying to spray ice, and as You'd see, i failed. Just managed to get a video, where the cameraWOMAN was so noisy, and got busy introducing other people she even forgot where the main subject of the vid went!

So after 16 years of age, I went to Times Square for the first time, and straight to the theme park!
Theres Tira, John and I on the DNA Mixer.

The not-scary-at-all high in the air merry go round.
John barfed on this thing.

The Tomahawk thing.
So tell me, have YOU recorded anything on a ride before?

The indoor RollerCoaster.

Here's a pic of us with Puteri's mom.
Yeap, here marks my first time to Pavillion!

The gang that celebrated new years! Sean Frizz Abu. Missed out Johnathan and Aizad though.

The Curve Fireworks

So thats the closure to 2008.
Not much of a catch up huh?

-Azhar Ashraf Jamel

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