Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Here Comes The Sun

Heyya fellow readers.

My apologies to those I have disappointed who've visited my blog to only see the shake bake and cake vid still stationary there.

So anyway, I just thought the time is ripe for a monthly update.

These few weeks in my story have been pretty hectic. Say if it were an essay, a perenggan wud be cramped with isi's.

This week I've been going to my fav malls like Pyramid and Summit.

C'mon, its a week of hols. So with the birthdays and the old friends from asrama and the friends still around you.. it's an infinte amount of times one can go out to malls. My only set back is... CASH. I'm now flat out broke. Stuff I did at malls just the usual stuff. But the highlights are,

Watching Step Up 2: The Streets.
Final Street Dance

Uber cool movie. After the movie the I lead the posse i was out with to answer their nature call in a different toilet. Point B!'s. Much cleaner, Much more private, and ABSOLUTELY free!

It's the Women's toilet

Uhuh. We actually camwhored in the toilet. Since I was the only guy there, I figured what the hell, let's join in. So there we were. Until some lady walked in the toilet with her 5 year old daughter and saw us. THAT was a major bummer.

Yeah, and those are usually in the evenings. In the mornings... Let's just say even if it's a holiday I don't feel like it is. Due to Band practice and Drama Practice I've been going to school from 8-12. Whoopie! Of course, it's not all bad. Theres the endless chatter, the giggling, the getting the scolding. Not everything can be just fun and games right? Cause without the Boring bits how can we appreciate the fun times? I've also had to go for interact sketch with the interactors. Overall It's been fun getting to know poeple like Preman Mardi from drama and the interact BOD's.

Ahh, and today, after Drama practice the SPM'ers took their results. Which coincidentally I was reunited with my old bestie Poppy! Well, thats Sofia to you. We head a load to catch up on. just sat there on the dewan stage and berborak borak. Great seeing her after so long. Then we went backstage to....

Borrow the changing room mirrors!

Then we went to the canteen to sambung our chatter.
And congrats to all those SPM'ers!

Aza, Signing out.

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