Saturday, March 15, 2008

The First Holiday In A Holiday

It was quarter to noon by the time I rolled of my bed. Abruptly awoken by a violent nightmare, and having a bruise on the side of my head from the collision between it and my bedside cupboard were clearly the signs to stop sleeping and start the day.

After some daily chores and some errands, I hitched a ride with Abu to a mall... which is?

Yeap, you guessed it. Pyramid.

Picked up Fariz on the way. Abu left his drumsticks at his place cause they were gonna jam after coming back from Yin Hun's Birthday.

So the 3 of us step through Pyramid's old wing threshold talking about Rern Sean. The good and the bad. Then without realizing it, he was just beside us when we past the door. The belated birthday boy was there with him.

So the 5 of us head toward the ice-skating rink. The only one missing from "The Gang" or which Yin Hun dubbed "The Fab6" was Aizad. He was at some wedding party.

We just lepak'd at the ice-skating rink rims for awhile waiting for Veron to arrive. When she did, well for old times sake we just buat-buat like we didn't see her. Ahah, well of course we're not all that bad. So okay, we layan her. And we of course have to do this tradition whenever we meet up in Pyramid. We stand in a circle and talk!

I suggested to go Ice-skating. But the guys mau makan first. So we headed off for Pizza Hut. Then
Sofia came along. And sorta just mixed together with my skolah rendah friends. She was waiting for her her late date.

So we moved in a party of 7. In lines of two. Abu, Fariz, Yin Hun, Rern Sean in the ftont. Veron, Sofia and I in the rear. Heading for Nando's. Sofia's date arrived just as we were about to enter Nando's. Of course the distance from Pizza Hut to Nando's wasn't enough to catch up with old school friends. So we ended up making the most noise in the vicinity thanks my obnoxious laughter. After taking our orders, Veron and I went to Guardian to get some drinks. Cause well, Nando's drinks are just full of ice and just doesn't quench the thirst. So we got 3 can drinks from Guardian for the price of one. Ronnie's treat :D

So we headed back to Nando's.

Me, Veron

The Birthday Boy

Our food arrived about 10 minute after that.

Hun, Sean, Abu

Abu's burger

Halfway into my meal. Something that Ron pointed out made Fariz and I laugh out loud!

Notice the decreasing height in the pots and the heads?

Till some lady on the other table kept staring at us. And I swear, I think some coleslaw went up my nose!

Ron was like a total carnivore. The rest of us ate 1/4 chickens with sidelines while SHE ate 1/2 a chicken. Just Meat!

What's left of the 1/2 chicken.

So after that, while waiting for the check, I followed Ron to go draw some money.

And she, being the very
experienced one goes up to the ATM machine.

And she does the standard procedure. And what happens? A receipt is produced. But no cash. Yeah. "
Transaction Denied" Kinda odd. Maybe machine salah.

Then we hit the other ATM machines. Then semua tak boleh. Turns out she never drew money from an ATM before. So I decide to help her by asking a local. Some mid-40's chinese dude. After explaining our situation to this guy for about 5 minutes. He says to me:

"No English"

Damn man, you're in Malaysia. And you're modern enough to use an ATM. You should've been able to understand basic stuff.

Then finally I ask the security guard. He leads us to a Maybank ATM.

VOILA! whaddya know?

It's Rejected.

So the two of us give up and go back to meet "The Gang" at MPH bookstores and browse about for some books. After that we headed to the record store. Then me and Ron went to go buy smarties at giant. When we got back, they weren't there anymore. WE got ditched.

The next hour or so was spent with just the two of us walking around. Partly looking for them, partly window shopping. Then finally we decide to rehat at the bowling alley. And the guys met up with us there. WIth an addition to "The Gang". Aizad arrived from his wedding party. And he was dressed in BAJU MELAYU with slippers at pyramid. A pretty funny sight.

Now the
Fab6 was complete. We just, did... nothing actually. The guys tak jadi ice skate. Bowling was out of the question cause of the tournament. And archery was unappetizing for them. We headed to some shop in the lower level to get Yin Hun a present. It was this thing that looked like a hand doing the peace sign.

My Wapanese Pose

After that, we took a look at the map of Pyramid to decide what to do.

So Ron got bored soon after and decided to just call her mom to fetch her. Sean detached and went home then. The rest of us, being the gentlemen we are, wait for her by the door. While waiting, of course, Pics were taken.

Yap Toh Voon Jr.

Aizad Abu Fariz

After the wait, Veronica left us. We bumped into Carmen in that time. Then the six of us took a cab to SS15.

We went to autosurf CC.

Fariz got some kicks from WoW while the others played other games like Half-life.

After one hour and a half there, we got hungry again. Abu, Fariz and Hun got burgers from this gerai where according to Fariz, were "The BEST burgers in SS15".

Aizad and I went to go get some grub at the food court in the middle of SS15. The rest joined us with thier burgers afterwards. Then we all trooped to Yin Hun's house. Along the way, we stopped at the park opposite his house. Mimicking some Silent Hill stunts. Then may sis arrived to pick me up and the day was done.

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