Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pyramid Tandas Mix Ups!

It was just any old outing to the sunway pryramids for me and my friends. We do what we usually do, with some extra unusually done stuff.

Pyramid 2's lavatories. yeah, its real easy on the eyes. take some time in there. smells pleasant too! n in the guys toilet, waddya know! a nice big mirror. So vanity strikes and we decide to take a pic. There were Seven of us. Fir, Bir, Raz, Prav, Jade, Sof and yours truly. We thought "hey, nice mirror. lets all take a pic in here."

So what do we do? we bring the girls into the toilet for some camwhorin'!

Okay, poses set, all in a stance.... but my fone macam rosak! so we cudnt take the pic! n then wehear some voices apporaching. MALE ones!

what happens? we shove the 2 girls into a cubicle and walk out. while these clueless guys go for a leak. Fir had a right mind to leave the girls there.. never to walk out. BAH. but kesian giler la if we did that.

So we go back to fetch them outta there. When the coast was clear. we call out. they walk out. We decided "lets just scratch this photosession." So we walk out to leave.

But then..

The makcik starts screaming at us in her indon accent!!

"Mengapa ngko masok tandas lellaki?!"

sofia gives the most antique excuse

"err, tersilap masuk"

but she doesnt look convinced. She thinks we're up to no good!

so we ran! and man she had backup! she started telling her janitor frens n the security guard! then we were like running all around sunway pyramid tryna ditch the authorities. bahh. so when we were all tired and spent. we took a rest. So that was the highlight of the day!

*hint= that comic up there. guess who is who!

Fir.. is holding a Rubiks Cube
Hakim.. is TALL
I'm.. just ur average joe

Raz.. has a M.o.l.e

Prav.. is Shaded

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poppy said...

lol. another blogspot user. i was gonna make one as well. but .hmm. what the heck i will then !