Sunday, July 9, 2006

A friends birthday outing.

heh, well, yesterday yesterday.. which was saturday my frens tubby, pravin, angie n me went out on her birthday..

well, we went to sunway.. but didnt really do much... like we just got dragged about choosing her presents.. like her "French bag" n her "teddy bear"... n shrubby gave her a lava lamp... n dumb pravin was such a weener, when we all wanted to go ice skating he was like... all cranky n making up sum excuse! wat a deuche... then we wanted to watch a movie... but then there were no nice movies.. angie didnt wanna watch superman cuz she sed he looks gay with the inside-out undies.. so well, come to think about it.. wat did we do? anyways, after i guess doin alotta nuthin.. we went back.. but didnt have much money.. so we naik bus... n well, wasnt that our first bus ride? all of us tak pernah naik bus.. usually we jz use cabs.. or mintak sum1's driver.. but now... we took a metrobus.. we wanted to go to taipan to get a birthday cake.. but then ait actually went about taking us to carrefoure.. then subang parade.. then to usj1 behind summit.. n then to the goodyear courts.. n then even i dunno where.. then finally we reached taipan.. n decided to go on foot after that... "someone" thought the bus driver was gonna bring us to shah alam... it took 1hr to reach taipan from pyramid...n then tubby suddenly got dumb n started waving at ppl...

on the way to the cake store, we helped out a poor ol' lady whose cellphone died. well tubbs did rather. im infamous for always having no credit!
soon after we just continued walking on.. and angie stared kicking butts. so its natural for us to just.. well retaliate! but the thing is.. her leg wasnt flexy enuff n she cudnt even reach me booty! xP

n then.. we got the cake, went to angies hse, singgah isi petrol 1st, then we ate cake n jelly at angies hse... n we lepak at her tvroom.. but it wasnt really pleasent.. pravin stank up the whole room with his BO.... n then we went home.. thats prtactically it!

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