Thursday, June 22, 2006

Spatula Chefs!

heh, yesterday my buddies jian wai, pawan, n pravin n me totally owned the cooking competition! the theme was desserts.. we were the only guy team whose dessert didnt become a fiasco... the others all ade sum sorta catastrophe.. like custard hangus or pancake stuck to the frying pan cuz they didnt put butter... ours was just perfect! owh yea, we made bread pudding with custard on the side,Image016 heres a pic.. the girls were like shocked we actually made sumthing... ade yang even praised us! and u know wat makes us think we can win it? cuz the teacher mintak our RECIPE! from a bunch of form2 guys! but my fren jian wai sed "Jangan bagi! later the teacher see how simple it is tak nak bagi us win!"

But anyway, we were the only ones that actually BAKED sumthin.. the girls n rest just made ice creams or jellies... n they melted pretty quickly.. so it didnt look so extravagant... owh yea, actually we sendiri pun like kinda shocked actually berjaya made sumthin worth eating.. like for example, try comnpare these 2 "desserts we made.. ones the bread pudding, n one's the one me n pawan made earlier... its supposed to be a spongecake..

Image017 Image014 Image018 Image015 big difference huh?

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