Friday, February 23, 2007

Tiresome Day Ended Out with a Bang! and a siren...

Got up at 5.30 am today.. got a call from pravin to get up cycling as we planned the previous day. our destination was to find out where jian wai's hse was... which was in usj20. so we cycled all the way from usj2. thru usj5, usj9, usj 13, got lost near usj 19.. and finally reached usj 20.. but the thing was.. we forgot his damn Adress! So i called him.. several times.. and on all occasions.. the reply was.. he's still sleeping.

So since it was now already 10 o'clock.. we were sure hungry.. so we went to jaya melur.. that mamak stall.. which took us about 30 minutes to find.. cuz i led the guys to maroonity.. so anyway.. we sat and ate, n drank.. n finally gave it another shot to call jian wai. n he finally gave us his adress.. n we stopped by.. so we wudnt get lost on his cny party tha night.

so there we were lepaking about at his place.. he served us sum chinese tea... which i totally despise.. bleagh.. horrible.. no offence to all those chinese tea lover's.. played his guitar.. and then we went for a drink at kfc nearby at petronas. since we 3 had bikes n jian wai didnt, i had to carry him.. he sat on the seat while i cycled standing.. what a sore for my arms.. n he was so chicken to do it! halfway there, suddenly we bumped into his MOM, which saw ME carrying her son, recklessly on my bike.. n i was like.. " oh no, we're dead.. looks like he can't go out.. " bust surprisingly his mom was like.. fine with us taking him out.. hmm.. we must be like.. super good-looking.. eh, i mean as in "good boy" lookin. anyway, had a drink kfc.. well they did. i was flat out broke to begin with. so we converesed for awhile.. then i had to carry him all the way back to his hse.. then since it was already 11, we had to go.

n since it was a friday.. i had to go for friday prayers.. so we sorta raced back home.. but here's when all the dugaan came... pravins bike chain suddenly slipped... so we had to stop under the hot sun to get it fixed.. then a few metres forward.. razlans chain slipped too! heh, but thankfully mine didnt.. my trutsty old bike which's like even older than me. And eventually... halfway thru out the journey home... fatigue got the better of us... n since we were nearby usj9, we went to fir'se hse. stopped for a drink. a game of winning11.. n we had to scoot.. cuz it was 12 by then..

sun right-angled in the sky..

but we had to get home. n then was my turn to get misfortune.. my leg started cramping up... argh.. the pain was excrucuating! haha.. nah, just kidding.. but it was sorta tough to stand up.. so after resting on the floor.. with a lil massaging.. my leg felt a lil better.... n we set off again.. the rest of the journey was smooth sailing till we all reached out homes..

but as for me.. the moment i parked my bike.. my leg started cramping all over again! so i had to sit on the font porch massaging n groaning like an idiot trying not to attract the stares of passer-bys..

Come 7.30pm that day, I had to get rdy, for jian wais cny party.. so i headed to razlans place.. sampai right on time.. the rest of the guys sampai just when i did. so we all got in the car, pawan sittin on my lap, cz there was 4 of us in the back seat.. then, set off for usj 20.

heheh, n we had noooo problem finding jian wai's hse. thanks to my great sense of direction! so when we arrived.. his mom welcomed us, gave us ang pows.. n asked us to be seated n eat.. man.. did i sure eat.. i felt like all that fat i burned in the mornings cycle was in vain... so after eating... there wasnt really much to do.. yan chi and angeline, the only 2 girls there hogged the computer.. while the chinese guys gambled.. well, chinese + pawan. so i was sorta bored.. n started scribbling on jian wais white board.. then played hangman.. with the guys.. ahah.. sorta killded the boredness..

at about 9.30, i remembered i brought fireworks... so i ajak the guys main mercun.. so we went out..

n here's where i sorta got scared a bit.. well, jian wai sed its ok to just throw the mercun on the road.. so i was like.. ok.

but then, the mercun i had was the super loud ones.. mercun ketupat.. so when i lighted it.. n threw it.. it went out with a BANG ! >.<

then the neighbours house alarm went off! cuak man at that time.. they were all saying if the cops came all fingers would point to me!

n then i slept for almost 12 hrs.. so thats it i guess..

-The End-

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